Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Catch Up Time with Denby

Y'all have missed a huge chunk of my life and I sincerely apologize but it's okay because I am going to give you all a quick, huge, update!

So, to begin with, my father came back into my life but at the moment we are having a breather because he upset me a wee bit. It is slightly upsetting. Mainly because when you find out your dad is coming into your life you expect everything but unfortunately, you don't often get everything. It is really hard to explain but I just feel as if I have been disappointed in way, I was expecting love and happiness but I only got sadness instead. Yeah, it's awkward to explain.

Secondly, I passed my car theory test first time. WOOP WOOP! Basically, last week I had the theory test. I revised for the theory test. I passed the theory test. For those who may not know what a theory test is, it is a series of questions basically about the road. The vast majority of the questions are logical scenarios but it still can get strenuous when you begin to over think. Basically, just don't over think in life. Just don't.

Thirdly, college is building up my stress levels. Deadlines hither and thither along with a huge dot piece to do. It is definitely becoming stressful. But yes, I am undergoing another huge dot piece. It is torturing me and I regret it because now I only have 3 weeks to complete it but yeah, I will get it done eventually...
Guys, if you are in high school or secondary school, whichever you may call it, just please. Don't fall behind and always get your work done to a top notch grade because in all honesty, you will regret it in the future. Be that A grade student your parents expect you to be! (Or C grade, like me).

I must take a quick exit because speaking of college has just reminded me that I need to get to college within the next half hour. I have missed writing on here so much. I cannot wait until I get all my work done because then I can relax and write on here a lot more and enjoy life like I should me! But yes, I hope everyone has a wonderful and jolly day and I shall see you all later!

I think I am going to find out what 'see you soon' means in Spanish.
I shall do that.