Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I have a lot to do.

Okay, it's the last day of September and Denby is going to get some work done and dusted because that is how she rolls!

I need to save money.

I need to get school work done.

And I need to sleep.

But, sleep can wait until later on as it is only 7am here and I have to go do the first two tasks I just listed. Although, I really wouldn't mind sleeping right now. I fancy some rice...

Anywho, time to talk about the boyf' once again. Last night we had another one of our extremely adorable moments and I still can't get over it. All we did was climb a tree, go on a mini adventure and stand talking for a good 17 minutes. But, all those things were extremely adorable and I wish I could go back and re-live those moments right now! Oh, we also discovered that me and him are telepathic or whatever you may call it. Why? Because we gave each other a lovely kiss and then, simultaneously, we both said 'Your lips are really soft'. Now. This was simply the best moment of my entire life purely because it gave me such a warm feeling in my heart, (along with a good 2 minutes of having a semi-permanent shocked expression on my face). Awww, I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love him a lot.

Also also also also also also also also also also, I am seeing the one and only: FALL OUT BOY in just 3 days, (or 2). I am making my way to Leeds to see them and I simply can't wait, it is going to be spectacular. However, if you have no clue who Fall Out Boy may be...please search them up on the interweb because they are simply AmAzInG.

I must leave now and scadoodle and get ready for my upcoming, busy day at le college. I have a lot of work to do!

So: PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I think I may have already uploaded this in previous times.
But hey-ho, you may have it again.
This is le boyf' whilst he saved Mr Pigeon.
He saves animals! 
Also, he saves me!
I love him. 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Sometimes...I am a nugget.

I haven't had a nut/peanut reaction for months. Well, not like this. Basically, I am allergic to nuts and peanuts, however, I can eat hazelnut, (kind of), so, when my sister comes up to me and offers me a chocolate, I am obviously going to accept, who wouldn't. But, me being a nugget, I didn't realize nor think that it could of nuts in it. So yeah, I am slightly having a nut reaction and its taken me 14 minutes to write this paragraph.

I feel pretty queezy right now.

But that ain't going to stop me...

I am tired.


and have a upset tummy and swollen throat.

I D I O T! (Me).


Why can't I be happy

tOdAy Is A dAy


and WeIrDnEsS.

Although, I actually saw the 'blood moon' last night. It was awesome to watch but at the same time, it was really scary. I've only ever seen an eclipse and the 'blood moon'. I'm not sure if I like astronomy or not but yeah, it was cool.

I am dying.

Not literally.

But close enough.

Lol, facebook is down.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
One of the first photo's I ever took when I got my 'amazing' camera. 
You may have already seen it before.
But you can see it again.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I bought a cactus.

I called the cactus....SPIKE.

You may now officially call me strange.

But yes, I did buy a cactus. Reason being...I just wanted a cactus. I'm cool. Actually no, I wanted to show responsibility so I thought, if I could take care of a cactus, it shows that I have high amounts of responsibility as I can take care of a living thing. Even though I often babysit an actual human...logic is defied.

I really need to rearrange my room and sort it out again.

I am very tired.

Actually no, lets talk in third person, (I think it is).

Sammy needs to rearrange her room and sort it out once again.

Sammy is very tired.

Sammy says that today's photo of the day is:
Sammy's Cactus
Aka, Spike

Sammy says "Adios Amigos" and sincerely apologizes for short post today

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Weight is a sensitive topic for me and I am not going to deny the fact that when ever someone goes on about food or weight, I do get quite emotional. But, I have realized that no one should feel like this! I mean, everyone is somewhat beautiful in their own way. Your imperfections are perfect to someone else but it takes time when it comes to finding that person. Whilst you are still awaiting for that person to arrive in your life, that's when your imperfections overcome who you are and you get so wound up in a world of wanting to be a certain weight. Seriously, this is not a way to live.

Just a couple of weeks ago I felt so down and depressed due to myself thinking I was overweight and 'fat'. When, realistically, I am not fat nor am I skinny, I am a healthy weight for my height and age and I need to respect and be grateful for that. I am lucky to be who I am and I was just blind I guess.

I like to eat what I want.

When I want.

I am starting to enjoy eating in front of people and eating WITH people.

I am starting to enjoy eating and having energy.

I am also really enjoying being happy.

This, to me, is a big step because for once, my head has hit reality and I have never been so happy!

Basically, in summary, I don't want anyone to feel the way I did! You are who you are. You can hear someone say this a million times but it is true! Like I said earlier, your imperfections to you are someone else's perfections and this is something you should always remember! You will always see people thinner than you. You'll always see people bigger than you. You are YOU! You can envy someone else but just think, someone will be envying you.

If you want to eat that kit-kat, EAT IT! If you want to munch on that juicy apple, GO FOR IT! Don't restrict yourself for 'perfection'. It is a hard mentality to escape and I don't think I will ever escape it, but, I have managed to see a small amount of reality and that has helped me significantly and it has made me realize what the definition of happiness actually feels like instead of simply knowing what the definition is.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
This is baby Denby.
I was an awesome kid.
As you can tell. 
Sipping on juice boxes not giving two cares about life.
I still think I have diabetes from those juice boxes.

Peace Out Amigo's! 
Have a great day, or if you already have, have a great sleep! 
I love you all!
(I am not an official hippie).

Thursday, 24 September 2015


Short morning blog for y'all because I love you all. Also because I don't think i'll have much time this evening to write something and if I do, it would be more random than my head itself.

I thought I would write about 'him' because 'him' is not just 'him'. 'Him' is my soul mate and best friend and he is also my boyfriend. To have all three of those relationships with one person, to me, is just absolutely amazing. I love him to pieces. I cannot ask for anything better because quite frankly, no one is better than him and that is something I will stand up to for the rest of my life.

To be able to do everything with the person you love is also something which is absolutely amazing and simply perfect. I've star gazed with him. I've had tea and scones with him. I've done a lot of things with him which are probably to explicit to share, (don't ask). But yes, on my bucket list to which I created many years ago, it said 'Find the Perfect Boy'. Now, when I was younger than I already am, this probably meant a lot to me due to me being a lonely child. Now, I have found the 'perfect boy' and I cannot believe it. I finally did something on that bucket list because if I recall that bucket list was a long list of inevitable things which I would of never been able to do in my life. But. I have.

Oh, he always make me incredibly happy. Not many people can cheer me up the way he does. He makes me have giggle fits, which for Denby, is very rare. He also provides me with the best cuddles in the world. (And trust me they are the best cuddles ever). He is like a grizzly bear and I am a bunny rabbit and yeah. To me that is the best scenario ever to other people it may sound ludicrous. Okay, enough of metaphors or whatever you may call them.

He also takes care of me every single day. Making sure I am okay and making me smile at every possibility. The one thing I do wish for now is for me to return that favor because I really love him but I don't think I can express it the same way he does and all I hope is that he understands that I love him to pieces. I want to hug him right now.

I must end this writing session as I have food to prepare for younger siblings and I have tea to drink and sleep to re-gain, however, I cannot re-gain sleep as I have a college to attend and to carry on  my 100% attendance, which I am very proud of at the moment.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY, (or morning):

Why not throw in two photos. 
But yes, this is me and le boyf'.
Also, these photo's are providential images of my bi-polar hair. 
I love him.
Good Morning.
HaVe A gReAt DaY.

sORrY fOr AnY mIsTaKeS aS i Am An IdIoT, (AkA nUgGeT).

I am a nugget.

No, I am not a chicken nugget, I am just a nugget. (Nugget, another term which I shall add to the 'Denby Dictionary'). Meaning of the term 'Nugget' simply is another term which can be used instead of 'idiot'. To me it sounds nicer. Anyway, I am an idiot. All I do is forget stuff. I think I have long term memory as I can remember everything so precisely from yesterday or a long time ago but I can't remember anything in the present, if that makes sense. But yes I am an nugget.

Speaking of nuggets, I fell off my bike yesterday and I have to admit, it was probably the most funniest moment in my entire life. I think I went over a hole in the pavement and then next minute you know I am on my bottom on the cold, grey-looking, concrete just chilling. I just can't get over how funny this moment was. I was with le boyf' and I decided to stick with the path because my irrational fear of cycling on the road overcame me and I just wanted to bike on the path, next minute you know, I am on the floor whilst le boyf is no where to be seen as he got stuck at a pedestrian crossing. The worst part of this experience has to be when a guy stopped in his car and got out to see if I was okay even know I was crying with laughter. I wish I had video graphic evidence.

I have an ulcer or whatever you call it on the bottom of my tongue. It keeps catching on my bottom teeth and it is rather irritating me.

I also have a chest infection by the sounds of it which is causing me to cough like an old man which scares me more than it probably scares other people.

I had a really great think to share with you all..but..like usual...I cannot remember. Because I am a nugget.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Bit different to what I usually upload but I am the female on the left and in the middle is a random human being and on the right is the one and only brother.
The reason why I am uploading this is because I found it recently and it amazed me because I actually look reasonably nice.
Also, I can't even recall when this picture was taken.
But I can remember that cupcake in my hand was horrible and I was about to dispose of it.
Great Night.
PhOtO nOt TaKeN bY mE
FoR oNcE

I also need to proof read my work, I apologise my fellow amigo's.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Don't you just hate...

Okay, firstly, the worst thing I absolutley hate with all my guts is actually feeling good about your body and you. But then. You see someone else who is prettier than you, better than you and someone who is just perfect in every single way possible. This kills me purely because my self confidence is so bad and the fact I actually can feel good about myself is amazing, but, it never lasts long.

Speaking of self confidence, I really want to loose a lil' bit of weight. When I say a little bit I just mean thigh weight because you know everyone has that chubby part at the top of their thighs? Yeah, well, I hate it. Some people can pull it off really well but I am one of those unfortunate souls who are blessed with 'huge thigh looking' syndrome. It's amazing...(sarcasm).

I also hate finding something or reading something which you just never should of found nor read and then your heart just sinks into your stomach. Basically, I had this today and it made me feel so upset and down. I was having a good day; sun was shining; smile on my face; hair all cute; flowery scarf on and then I just hit rock bottom, (well my heart did anyway). Something has never made me feel so down before. Denby gives a lil' bit of advice: don't go on mobile phones. Don't even own a mobile phone. They are stupid and heartbreaking.

Although I may not be having such a good day by the sounds of it, I have finally decided to properly plan out my animation process. I am going to do my research and finally create a stop motion animation. I was already doing so quite a while ago, as you may know, but I soon realized by idea was not a good idea and the outcome was not as I expected. However, I have learnt from my mistakes and I am going to finally create a piece of animation. Planning and researching are the first steps I am going to take. WAHOO I AM FINALLY DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE AND ENTERTAINING WITH MY LIFE.

Speaking of entertaining, I also have decided that I am going to 'vlog'. I can't see myself creating a full time 'vlog' but I can see myself creating an individual 'vlog' just so I can finally tick it off my mental bucket list, (yes I do have a mental bucket list). When I use the term 'mental' I do not mean as in crazy, I simply mean thoughtful or 'not written down'. I don't know.

Wow, I have actually written quite a bit today, I am proud of myself. Even though there will be a lot of errors within my writing, but, it is Tuesday therefore I do not mind. (To be honest I never mind).

Anywho, today's PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
SoMe PrEtTy FlOwErS 
Ft. Ma FoOt

Monday, 21 September 2015

Are you organised?

The title represents a question which is often asked to me. 'Sammy, are you organised?' No. Yes. I don't know. Maybe. I never know how to answer this question. I just never do. Am I organised? I bought folders for each subject I do. Does that make me organised?

I learnt a valuable lesson. When you are changing the inner tube within the tire of a bicylce. Always make sure you get the right one. Why? Well, lets just say, if the inner tube is way too small, there is good chance of it blowing up..as I have learnt. So, as part of my 'Denby Gives Advice' - Always read the label.

I also learnt another valuable lesson. Never accept a muffin from the elderly. Why you may ask? JUST DON'T.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
a CoOl PiCtUrE oF tHe SkY

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Not Again

Yes, it's that time of the year were the colds are about. Currently, Denby has a cold or the flu, whichever which, it is killing me. All my face feels bund up and I have a sore throat and everything hurts and I can't stop sneezing. I love winter. Well, it's not even winter yet and I am already dying of a cold. Urgh.

Although I am dying from a cold, I had one of the most cutest days today with the boyf'. We went into ye olde town and simply had a great day with him. The day involved museums and a whole lot of walking. I loved it. I also love him so flipping much.

I keep sneezing.

I also really would like a really good camera. Purely because I want to take mug shots of people and claim it as art due to each mug shot of someone I take, I would claim that every person is unique and also have a lot of individuality, etc, etc, etc.

I am always tired.

I must take a swift exit and leave y'all on a cliffhanger until tomorrow when I hopefully shall be feeling better due to my bed slowly becoming a bed of tissues instead of bedding.

I hope you have all had a great day or I hope you DO have a great day.

Photo of the day is coming up tomorrow.

Adios Amigo's!!!

Friday, 18 September 2015


Okay, so the 'bachelorette' is currently on my TV and I have no clue what is it. I am so confused. Like is a girl trying to find a man but she goes out with six of them and kisses them all but they all fall in love with the girl but then only one of them actually get to progress with their love for this girl whilst the others get let down? That's what I think is happening...

*5 Minutes Later*

Still don't understand this programme.

*10 Minutes Later*

Okay, I give up with trying to understand this programme. I don't get it.

I want to drive.

And sleep.

Photo of le day:
Taken by

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The big 8 0

80 posts. I can't believe I have actually reached 80 posts. That my friend is highly cray cray, (crazy).

I really need to tidy my room and organize myself once again. I have been back at college for a week and I am gradually slipping away into the 'unorganized' Sammy. I don't want to be that 'unorganized' Sammy so I am going to organize myself...once again.

I have no clue what to write about. How odd. Usually I have something to ramble on, but, not today. I want to start running again. You know what, I am going to do it. This weekend I am going to start running/jogging/walking because I am sick of being Sammy the sloth.

I CAN FINALLY CHANGE MY CARTILAGE EARRING TODAY. But I am too scared too purely because it's really sensitive still. But I am shall change it tomorrow because tomorrow is Friday and I really like Friday's.

I need to invest in some more jumpers actually. I might get some this weekend. Some vintage ones....hmmmm....ideas......such good.....much sound....

ANYWAY, I must leave you and your wonderful minds as I must rest my blue eyes to be prepared for tomorrow. (Nothing is happening tomorrow but you know sleep is needed).

SO, Today's photo of the day:
Another photo taken by meeeeeeee.
Da Dahhhhh
Adding to the collection.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


What did I learn today? Well, I shall tell you...Indian Tonic Water, (the low calorie version), is simply disgusting. This is one water I do not recommend...ever. Do not touch it if you see it in a shop. Don't even consider it. Just walk away. (Unless you are really into that sort of stuff then go for it).

I hate watching the typical British TV quiz show: 'Countdown'. The reason being is purely because people can look at random letters and form a magnificent word. With me, I cannot do that..at all. I look at the letters and my brain literally drifts off into space and that's it. The 30 seconds is up and I am in melting mode because I haven't even discovered a 3 letter word let a loan a 9 lettered word. (Stupidity problems).

I also went on an exclusive bicycle journey with le soul mate to a small town which has rocks and spectacular views of ferries, abandoned ships and all sorts. It was awesome and very interesting. As interesting as it was, I managed to take a lot of really cool photo's which look awesome. I want to share loads with you but that means reducing the quality of them to upload them and that takes more time then actually uploading them in the first place, (which is still a long time). But yes, it was fun. Asides from finding abandoned ships, we also found an abandoned balloon in the shape of the number, two. It was a good balloon. I miss that balloon already.

As per usual, I am becoming very sleepy, therefore I am going to leave you with an interesting photo which I happened to take today.

I call this one: STONES
Taken my me...of course.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Busy Busy Busy

The title pretty much sums up my life now. Busy. However, I am still trying my very best to write on here because you know, I love writing on here.

I am really enjoying college and doing work and getting everything done on time and I seriously love LEARNING. As stupid as it may sound, I seriously love actually learning new things and refreshing my brain. I am in love with college, (I never though I would be saying that). One thing I did learn today is that punctuation does not go within brackets. Why? Because brackets itself is a form of punctuation and by using punctuation within...well, you get the idea, (I hope).

Today I finally had science. The one subject I have been wanting to do for over a year now. I love science but never had the opportunity to do the subject, but, now I do and I have never been happier. What makes me even more happy is the fact I get to see the soul mate every single day. He is right by my side whenever I need him and whenever he needs me. I love him to pieces. Usually I get sick of people and don't have a lot of patcience with people but I seriously love him so much. I never want to lose him. He is perfect. (Many apologize's for being all cute and sloppy 24/7).

I really want to sleep. But I cannot. Because. I need to. Do. Work. But I am. Way too tired to do. So. But I am going to do. It. Anyway. Because it's science. Work. And. I. seriously like. Science. So.

As much as I would love to ramble on and on, I am going to my work. SO I shall maybe write later on or tomorrow in le morning!


Taken at local festival in my hometown.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


I am exhausted as you may already know by the title. My legs ache, arms ache and everything pretty much aches. Why? I still have no idea. But I am here and I am still writing so everything is all good. 

I had an idea and i'd wanted to share it with all of you. Basically, for this blog I was thinking about doing 'Photo Of The Day'. Why? BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN TAKING PHOTO'S!!!! *Sad Face* 
So, if I actually do this 'Photo Of The Day' idea it will incise, (wrong word but ah well), me to start taking more photos because I really want to take photos but basically, Denby hasn't been doing so. (WoW, past tense). But, I was also thinking about uploading any of my fellow readers photo's along with a link to your own blog, if you iz' interested send me ye olde email: thatdenbykid@gmail.com

I am super tired so I apologize for any spelling errors or grammar errors. Denby Advice #384: Do not go to bed late and then wake up extremely early to go to school or college. It is not good at all and I seriously do not recommend doing so. Also, don't consume fizzy drinks. Reason being is because I use to drink fizzy drinks all the time and as soon as I stopped drinking them my 'English' was more fluent and I was using better vocabulary and terminology compared to when I use to drink fizzy drinks. This may sound completely and utterly stupid but I do believe there is a link between the two. (Also, just to clarify, I can't talk properly, I seriously think I have speech issues, hence why I like to write a lot about my day because I can pretty much talk better in writing and in my head, again, don't ask). 

I would love to stay and chat to myself but I am wanted by my fellow companion as we are going swimming, even though there is a high chance of me melted away in the pool due to exhaustion but it shall still be fun. WOOP WOOP! 

Photo of The Day
Church in Local Town

Friday, 11 September 2015

School is Painful

Okay, college is slowly killing me and I have only been back there for three days. Every time I start a new term at school/college, I always end up with really bad headaches pretty much everyday for a good week or so. Like right now I have a headache from simply doing some strenuous math equations, how is that even possible? Actually no, that is a stupid question. Math is simply the answer to it because to be fair, math always does somehow end up providing me with a wonderful headache which I enjoy so having so much...

Asides from painful headaches, I actually am enjoying being back at college. I can finally learn and get on with coursework and aim to succeed and do well. This year I am going to try so hard and get high marks on everything I do. I really am.

I am casually writing this whilst sat in black jeans and my Hogwarts jumper. I am looking rather geeky, however, I am also feeling rather comfortable and to be honest, I'd rather dress for comfort instead of dress to impress because that my friend, is how Denby' rolls in life. (I don't actually roll, I walk or bike...but you know, close enough).

I can't wait to see the brother, haven't seen him in about two weeks! *Shocked Face Emoji*. I miss him sometimes, I use to see him almost everyday and now I hardly see him and it is awful! Although I have my soul mate, who is absolutely amazingly amazing, (such alliteration), I still miss the brother. JUST TO CLARIFY, HE IS NOT MY BIOLOGICAL BROTHER, HOWEVER, HE IS STILL A BROTHER TO ME, I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, HE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY BROTHER.

I also can't wait to see ma' soul mate either to be honest. I love seeing him!! *Cute Blushy Face* He always cheers me up and makes me so unbelievably happy it is unreal. :)

Thursday, 10 September 2015


I finally fixed my laptop! No one knows how happy this makes me fell. It is still a tad bit slow, however, it is fixed so I am happy! I am also happy because I can finally blog because all day I have been trying to write something on here but I haven't succeeded, as you may have already realized.

Anyway, I have had a great day today, why? Because I have finally got my college timetable ready and I am so excited to be cracking on with school work and doing well because that is all I want to do this year. Oh, I also want to chill with my soul mate because he is everything to me.

I already discovered what the definition of comfort is...it is...being snuggled up in your bed in you soul mate's over-sized hoodie and fluffy socks along with wearing no bra. However, the ultimate definition of comfort is actually being with you soul mate, snuggled up in bed laughing about completely irrelevant yet extremely humorical topics. Those moments my friend, are the best moments. They make me unbelievably happy.

I seriously want to write loads and loads and loads, however, today has been exhausting for me and my laptop only managed to fix itself late at night so I am going to take a swift exit to my bed and sleep. I shall attempt to write something in the morning if my brain happens to be intact.

Adios Amigo's

*Denby Salute*

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


So, I go back to college in an hour and I actually cannot wait. Why? So I can work my a** off and get loads of work done and actually do well! Also this year at college is going to be so much better than last year because I know what to do and how to do it in the best way possible! Also because this year I am doing science so, I actually cannot wait!!

I have a really awkward paper cut on my index finger and every time I type it stings, ah well, I don't care, I am too busy being overwhelmed by excitement, which for me, is not something which happens on a regular basis.

I have recently been addicted to this song called 'Lose Your Soul' by Dead Mans Bones. It is completely different to what I usually listen too, and I have to admit, it is amazing! It is one of those 'special' songs which you can have on repeat and never get sick of it! I highly recommend this song!

I should probably clean my glasses because they have a fingerprint on them and my eye drifts off to look at it...yeah I am going to clean them! Now that I am back at college I am still hoping to keep writing a post everyday, firstly because I will have more to talk or complain about and writing on here makes me happy.

Anyway, I shall speak to y'all later! I hope you have a good day today or if you already have, I am extremely happy for you!

Adios Amigo's

*Denby Salute*

Monday, 7 September 2015


So, after a slight notification, I soon realized I needed a following button or widget or whatever you like to call it, (yes I am still a noob to the blogging world). This widget or button allows you amazing amigo's to follow my blog and keep up with how I am doing in my own little crazy world. I believe this icon is located under my amazing face on the right hand side of the blog, (I think). Anyway, if you'd like to follow me and keep updated with my crazy world, hit that button, I should receive a notification and I shall return that follow!!

To me, the internet is one confusing place.

A very confusing place.

Anyway, I am going to follow and read some blogs as I have finally worked out how to do so. I love reading about other people's lives as much as I love writing about mine! It is really interesting. You can learn a lot about how people live completely different compared to how you do and I love learning about other's hobbies and interests.

As soon as I have finished working out how the internet works my blog should be pretty good and non-noob like.


It is so weird thinking that it is September already! *highly shocked face* I keep thinking it is August still but NOPE. We are already into the first week of September, (as I now know thanks to my new, cute calendar).

I also feel so organised this September. Every year I go back to school/college I am always not organised and never prepared, however, this year I am ready and waiting, (for once).

I might right a little later on after I have discovered more about the internet and after I make an attempt to unravel it and make the internet a non-confusing place. (And I have just confused myself, well done Sammy, well done).

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I got a Turtle

Firstly, I did not get a turtle, I got a tortoise and I did not get a tortoise I got a pot tortoise which is also a very small yet cute money box. Why? Because I am a turtle and it was adorable. I am officially a hoarder...don't judge me. (ps, I am not actually a hoarder).
As you can see below, the turtle is adorable.
I also got an amazing oil painting as you can see in the background. The painting has so much detail to it, I could not resist. Jut knowing that someone painted it and spent a lot of time on it, just amazes me. 

Also, today I found out what a crumpet was made out off. If you don't know what a crumpet is made out of or what even a crumpet is, I suggest you use your search engine and find out because that is what those amazing search engines are for. 

I just realized I am overusing the term 'amazing'. I apologize amigo's. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Blisters are horrible. You know when you get brand new shoes and you have to kick them in before you can wear them over and over again? Well, I do...sadly.

Anyway, asides from painful blisters, I GO BACK TO COLLEGE ON WEDNESDAY!!! I seriously cannot wait to go and begin learning again and actually getting 100% attendance and working my as* off because after this previous year at college, I have finally realized that I need to do well and do my very best! I will get good grades and I will make, not just my family proud, but I will also make myself proud! This years motto: NO EXCUSES!

I also purchased a packet of pens today, you know those really awesome felt tip pens where the tips also end up going in the pen? Yes, those ones.

OH, I finally learnt two new words to add to my vocabulary. Everyday I am trying to learn two new words!! Today's words were 'Humdrum' and 'Paradoxical'. Humdrum is the lack of excitement and Paradoxical, if I remember correctly, is to be contradicting but also speaking the truth. If I have got those definitions completely wrong, please leave a comment below, if not, MY MEMORY IS ON POINT!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

F i n a l l y

You know when you finally get round to doing something and once you have accomplished what you have finally done you just feel absolutely fantastic? Yeah, that is exactly what I have done today.

To begin with, I managed to wake up early and I finally fixed ye olde bike. Now, my bike has been un-used and broken for a good two months now. So early hours this morning, I actually fixed it!

Then I finally did my chores which involved washing Mount Disherest, (aka the pots). Instead of having an actual dishwasher, I was assigned the family's dishwasher, so, I finally washed all of the family's dishes.

After that I went swimming with the most perfectio' human being in the planet and the younger sibling, it...was...awesome. *Huge Smiley Face*

Once I returned home I cleaned up the Kitchen, yay.

I also tidied and re-organised my full bedroom, (I have been meaning to do this for a long time but actually never got round to doing it).

I also learned the basic theory aspect to driving a car.

I took a really good 'selfie' to which I am really proud of and I hope you all like it as much as I do:
 (To myself I do look awful asides from my half tamed hair).

I Finally got round to writing this small, yet interesting, blog post for you all to read for no other reason than your own entertainment, (or to laugh at my strange life..and face).

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I have been trying to write a blog post for a while now, however, every time I have gone to write a post, my laptop goes into crash mode and decides to not work. Hopefully, I can actually get through this blog post without it crashing for the 7th time today.

I have been considering on doing a 'favorites of the month'. This would conclude of me showing you a few of my favorite things, whether its a game or an item I have bought, I might as well share it with you. Why not?

As you may already know, I would love to travel the world. However, I would love to go to France. I would love to go to a French market and learn how to speak French. I have a slight addiction with France, I don't know why, I just do.

Half the top of my nail is hanging off and frankly, it is really painful! I really would love to rip it off, but, it hurts just having it hanging around and the pain of pulling it off would be double that and I just don't think I could go through with the pain at this moment in time.

I purchased some 'Posh Tap Water'... Basically, my local supermarket is closing down so everything is pretty much reduced. So, what do I do? Find this water in a glass bottle and I decided to buy it. It was a great deal and is also a great bottle!

Sorry about the short blog posts, once this laptop is sorted, more, better posts will be uploaded to you all!

*Denby Salute*