Saturday, 25 February 2017

So, Make..UP

So, today's topic is make up! The inspiration for this blog stems from the wonderful BuzzFeed. As you may tell, they are currently running out of ideas as they have basically created a video for every single topic possible in the world. A good example of their most recent ideas comes from their recent video, 'can you float on mashed potato?'. For those who may find this video interesting, don't bother watching it. You can float on mashed potato. Apparently.

Anyway, the vast majority of BuzzFeed's recent videos are related to make-up. Me being the tomboy I am; I don't wear make-up. I have worn it many years ago when I was discovering my 'girly' side and wanted to copy other girls in my school year group but this experience turned out to be humiliating. The comments I was receiving at the time were mainly bad comments. For example, 'oh Sammy why do you look so orange' and 'Sammy why are your eyes so black'. They are only the nice examples. To get to my point, I don't wear make-up. I haven't really felt the need too. I don't like my appearance too much but I don't feel as if I need to cover it up with blusher and foundation. 

I don't understand the purpose of make-up in every day settings. I know so many people who put on so much make-up as part of their EVERYDAY routine. I bet you do it too? I just don't understand. The first thing which baffles me is the price of it. Every time I go shopping with my mum she always looks at the make-up. I have a little browse myself but what puts me off straight away is the price of it all. £7 for a bottle of foundation which is most likely going to last a month. I shall pass on that thank you very much.£7 may not sound like much too you but to me? WOAAAAH. Nope. I would rather spend my money on important necessities such as chocolate why thank you very much. 

I do understand WHY people like to wear make-up. Those who wear make-up and make it PERFECT are artists in my eyes. Looking at people's eyeliner flicks and just witnessing how perfect they are gives me so much satisfaction and I have to say, some people's make-up looks fantastic but too wear it EVERYDAY. WHY? Guys, please help me out here. Please can someone give me an explanation to WHY you wear it everyday. Special occasions or Weekends I can understand but EvErYdAy? 

I honestly don't understand why this bothers me. I think it's more to do with the cost of it all. Watching the BuzzFeed videos were they are all discussing things such as 'Primer' and 'Bronzer' and many other mythical words just baffles me but they must all cost a lot of money. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has that originality about them with or without make-up. Honestly, I believe everyone is unique and I just think make-up can often spoil that a little bit. But anyway, that's your decision and not mine. I have nothing wrong with individual's wearing make-up, I just have a series of thoughts to why you do so. I have already spread my curiosity regarding the cost but it also must be unhealthy for your skin? I suffer with bad skin as it is and I see a lot of young people who suffer with acne who also wear tons of make-up. Fair enough you would like to hide the acne but doesn't it make it any worse? I know this is a strange blog post but recently I have been a very curious individual and I believe I shouldn't keep things to myself anymore. 

Anyway, thank you for reading le' blog post. I must apologise now for any errors in spelling or punctuation. It is currently 23:51 here in Britain which is now way past my bed time. I shall post some more later this weekends my fellow amigos. I have a series of interesting topics I want to cover with you and I promise you they will be very interesting! 

Hope you all have a lovely day/evening/night and stay safe folks! *Love heart emoji with pink sparkles* - IMAGINE IT.