Thursday, 31 December 2015


So it is the final day of this year. (Or last year depending on when you are reading this). But I have come up with some New Year Resolutions. Majority of my resolutions are very cliché but they are also personal to me. (Kind Of):

  •  Resolution Number 1: No Chocolate. - Yes, you read properly, Denby is moving away from the chocolate in 2016. All I eat is sugary things and I am developing a phobia of teeth loss and diabetes so chocolate is no longer on my agenda. 
  • Resolution Number 2: No Fizzy Drinks. - I tried this the other year, I got really far but I soon developed a love for energy drinks. So, in an attempt to dispose of my love for energy drinks, I am going to attempt to not drink any form of Fizzy Drinks. Again. 
  • Resolution Number 3: Be Time Wise. - I am never on time. Prime example is him. If he asks me to go over to his house or do something with him, I am always late. So, 2016 is the year were I am going to be on time...
  • Resolution Number 4: Save Money. - I say the same resolution this time every year but it is definitely about time I finally save money. I finally have a job and I am so lucky that I am going into 2016 with a job and a boyfriend and a best friend and my family. But, I need to save my money. 
  • Resolution Number 5: Spending Time Wisely. - I was unsure about how to title this resolution but what I mean is...I need to spend time appropriately so that I can have time to see the best friend and the boyfriend. Along with having time to myself. With college and work it is hard to find time to spend with everyone along with trying to give myself rest but I am aiming to undo this nonsense and find time! 
I cannot think of any more legit resolutions which sound appropriate for this blog so I shall leave you with five AMAZING resolutions. (SARCASM). 

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and I really hope everyone goes into the new year with a smile on their face because smiling is good. (I don't know if I personally like smiling). 

CRUMBS, I need to get ready. I have a town to attend. See, this is were resolution number 3 needs to come in. Be Time Wise. 

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Be careful but be happy! I sound like one of those billboards you see, you know, the motivational ones?!? Nope? Okay, see ya soon! 

PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
lol, its me!
I finally managed to squeeze in a selfie today.
Ya' know, because its last day of 2015

Saturday, 26 December 2015


So Christmas has come and gone and I could not be happier! (Well I could if I wasn't a depressing person but ya' know). But yes! I am one lucky bunny! I got a set of driving lessons and another Kindle for Christmas and basically..I am really really happy and grateful! I cannot wait to drive! I am so so so so excited! EEEEEeeeeeKKKKKkkk. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas the same way I did! But, if you didn't, don't worry! You'll be happy soon! Oh God, I sound like one of those weird horoscope things. I don't like horoscopes.

Anyway, today is Boxing Day, (the day after Christmas). I am once again...ill! I think I am coming down with the flu or cold or something. I feel awful. However, I am trying to chill and relax whilst enjoying the sweet sounds of cars outside my house. OOOOOOOO, I got a new jar for Christmas and some awesome lights to go within the jar and I have never been happier! I have closed the curtains in my room and turned the lights on and I have never been so relaxed.

I don't even know what I am on about.

It's weird, I am so happy and grateful but then there is a part of me which is so upset and sad for no reason. I hate it! I thought I was doing well, happy wise! But I guess I am still a lil' sad...for no reason. Brains are weird! I don't understand how you can be happy yet sad and depressed. It doesn't make any sense? BRAIN Y U DO DIS!

But anyway, the new year is slowly creeping its way up so I guess I have to think of some new year resolutions. I know I need to change and take care of myself more and be happy but meh. I think my main new year resolution is to be healthy because this past month I have been torturing myself by eating junk and drinking junk and yesterday has just killed me and made me realise that I need to be healthy! I hate December.

Anyway, (I need to stop saying anyway), I need to scadoodle as I have death to overcome and some relatives to visit. I hope you have a lovely boxing day and I hope you have had a lovely Christmas!


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I took this ages ago, it's not a good picture but I quite like the
quirkiness of it.
I am quirky.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


I need to thing of more inspiring titles for my posts. 'UPDATE' is not an enticing title which I could use to attract people but I shall still use it anyway. But yes, HELLO! I finally had a small amount of time to write something on this. I have missed it dearly.

In the space of 8 days which I haven't been writing for...(doesn't make sense but ya' know)...I have managed to obtain an addiction to candles and probably fires. I invested in a candle last week and since then I have been obsessed. My room is always cold even if the heating was ever on and to my surprise, candles warm it up! They are simply perfect! Scented candles are the type of candles to which I currently own and they are so pretty and perfect.

OOO OOO OOO! I also own an awesome book titled: 'This Book Loves You' by the one and only...PewDiePie! I own this book thanks to my awesome brother! Since Christmas is literally around the corner, me and le bro managed to find time to exchange and open gifts. He bought me an awesome laser pen, the awesome book, awesome huge marshmallows along with these mini, yet awesome, Adventure Time characters! I seriously think I have fallen in love with gifts! He seriously is the best friend/brother I have ever ever ever ever have!

Speaking of love, le boyf' took me to the cinema and for a lovely meal the other day. Basically, lets just say I am now a fan of Star Wars. Although I understand the new Star Wars may not be as good as the originals, (to what I have heard), it is a pretty sick film! I know Disney have taken over and you can definitely tell that they have...but it is still such a good film! Star Wars and impressed me after many years of contradictory hating it. (I have never seen Star Wars before).

I just realised that there are going to be a lot of mistakes within this post.
Many Apologies.

Anyway, I have now got a new, epic pair of Sony Headphones. Yes, HEADphones. I previously had a pair but I really wanted le boyf' to have them as I believe he is in a bigger need of headphones than I am. So, I decided to invest in some of my own and quite frankly, they sound absolutely amazing! Sony are my top recommendation if you are looking for either earphones or headphones! You can hear all the instruments and bass so perfectly it is un-real!.

I am unable to spell correctly today.

Today is the 22nd of December, (well it was to those who are reading in the future), which means...Christmas is pretty much 2-3 days away! I am a little bit excited but also really anxious at the same time! I need to invest in more gifts for le family but tomorrow is pretty much the last day which I can do so! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I thought I was organised but apparently not! For weeks now I have had gifts mounting up in my room and it has been driving me up the walls. I just can't wait to get rid of them but I am so so so nervous because I don't know if anyone will like them! I am awful when it comes to buying gifts:((

I must scadoodle as I have presents to continue wrapping and sorting out and then I have to have a hard, long think about what I need for the remaining missing gifts!


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I think I took this just over a week now with his
epic camera!
(Well, not as epic as his new camera)
I kinda like it. 
The guy adds a sense of purpose to the stall.
I don't even know.

I am sick of feeling emotionally sick.

I want to be happy. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy with him! He makes me feel so happy and warm and safe and yeah, you get the gist of it. But I can't be happy otherwise. When I am not with him. I am so emotionally drained it is unbelievable. I need to get myself back on my feet but the struggle is real! I cannot even tuck my chair into my desk because my chair is too heavy. I CANNOT WIN!

I think I have 'Christmas blues' or whatever you call it. I don't even know. I am so drained it is seriously unreal. I want to break off for holidays already so I can catch up on sleep and chill from everything. That has just reminded me...


That has cheered me up! I am happy now. I am addicted to Twenty One Pilots still along with many documentaries. I don't even know what to write or talk about which is unusual for me because usually I have a lot to talk about. But...I don't.

Monday, 14 December 2015

I, ladies and gentlemen, am a genius!

So I created this: 

I was messing around and then next minute you know...BAM! I had a great idea, (which has probably been done a million times before. I basically put some lights into a jar. That is it. BUT JUST LOOK AT HOW AMAZING IT IS! I am so proud of myself. It just looks so pretty. 

So I have once again returned to the keyboard of misery. I am at college with the sticky keyboard and quite frankly, I hate it but I choose to sit at this computer purely because it is out of the way of everyone and it's kind of peaceful. I need to stop going on about keyboards, I attempt to make this small topic rather interesting but it fails miserably every time. 

In other news, this Christmas is almost a failure for me. I still need to invest in gifts but I have had no time. I still need to create one gift and I have a week to do but I guarantee it will not be completed in a week. However, I shall once again do what I happen to best; rush through things. 

Energy drinks are bad for you. An obvious statement I do know, but, I have recently been drinking them and I have been completing so much work and actually completing tasks. It is great! The only downside is the fact I am unable to sleep properly. But that is my own doing. 

I shall continue with this post later today as this keyboard is starting to slowly aggravate me. But, this does mean that I can finally say: 

To be continued...

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

when you...

gain trust to own a camera...

yes....Denby took them.
I am a pro.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Life is good good bad bad

I should probably shave my legs. I am slowly developing a large focus onto my legs and I can see hairs. I need to shave them but hairs provide leg warmth but I am a woman and women are not permitted to have hairy legs. Stupid women. (offence to myself taken).

I am going to start writing proper posts soon because I am literally writing an online diary basically complaining about not posting decent posts. I need to stop but it's fun. SEEE, I am doing it right now.

But yes, Sammy has recently purchased le book: 'Wreck This Journal' and to my surprise, it is really fun apart from I can't get myself round to actually wrecking the journal because I am neat in my own weird way. For those who may not know what this book is, basically, it is a book devised by the author: Keri Smith and she basically has developed a series of books which enable your imagination to go wild along with your creativity. The book I currently own has series of pages telling you, as the author, what to do with them. For example, one of my favourite pages states to 'fill page entirely out of circles' so I riddled the page with circles of all shapes and sizes. It is such a great book I love it!!

Anyway, in other news, I love him so flipping much!! He means everything to me and it makes me so excited that I am going to be able to spend the rest of my entire life with him! I seriously cannot wait! The best part about our future seriously has to be falling asleep together every single night. I love sleeping at his house purely because I can cuddle up with him and feel safe and amazing! Awwwww, I love him so much!

ALSO ALSO ALSO! I have learnt to appreciate everything in life. Today, my fellow spudling was purchasing a top notch camera which enabled me to wait outside and take pictures with his previous camera. I was about to take a picture of a tree until a homeless woman said "you don't want to be taking pictures of that" and I said "why not?". So we then went onto discussing where we both came from and our current situations. She then made me open my eyes to the world as she said her dream was to go to this town which wasn't too far away. This dream made me smile and after she told me the dream I then went on and said 'you can get there' and she simply asked 'how can I?'. After some more inspirational words by Denby I gave her some money and went on my way. This little conversation may sound stupid and silly to you but it opened my eyes and made me appreciate what I have in life. I may think that I am unfortunate but now I have realised how lucky I am to simply have a home to come back to at the end of every day. Always appreciate the little things in life despise how little they may be!

Anyway, I must scadoodle and attempt to get some sleep as I believe I have to get up early tomorrow for something which I cannot remember because I am worlds number one

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I love this photo of me and the Spudling. 
He makes me the most happiest girl in the world.
He really does.
I am one lucky girl to have him!

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Basically, I finally got my hair cut and I absolutely love it! It feel so nice short and I finally look normal and I CAN FINALLY BRUSH MY HAIR! I will show you a pictureeeeeeeeeee:
I stole the picture of my own snapchat...not exactly theft I know but yes, I have short hair! I am going to attempt to get another picture, (hopefully better), but I guess this will do for now! BUT YES I HAVE SHORT HAIRRRRRR.

Also, you know when I was on about illustration before? Basically, I have been developing my own little illustrations and they look so so so so cute! I can't take any photos of my main coolio' illustrations as my sketchbook is at home, but, I do have some pictures of my previous characters I created. Exhibit A:
This is Mr Potato. Mr Potato is seen wearing a wonderful top hat whilst hooding a cup of tea. Mr potato has to be my favorite character so far. (ps, the little circle things are supposed to be in the vegetable). My imagination is highly crazy, I am not going to deny that. 

Anyway, I am going to apologize now for the week late post, I have been a busy bee. Constantly working at college and at work and quite frankly it has been exhausting. 

It is so so so so so nice to have short hair. Still can' get over it. 

I'M FINALLY MAKING A SCRAP BOOK! FINALLY. Yesterday I was on a school trip with the art department and we had some free time. So, I went and bought myself a small A5 sketchbook which I am going to jazz up with Sammy's own decoration and cute images of me, boyf, brother, sister and family. (Hopefully I can get some time to do so). 

I am casually sat at college wearing a snazzy shirt and a Harry Potter jumper. I look sadly cool. 

Anyway, I must leave as this keyboard is getting on my nerves. So...

PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
I need to begin taking some more photographs.

Displaying IMG_-2rhz2x.jpg Displaying IMG_-2rhz2x.jpgDisplaying IMG_-2rhz2x.jpg
Displaying IMG_-2rhz2x.jpg

Thursday, 26 November 2015

I am blinded by le holy sun

My eyes are burning from the sun. I am in so much pain due to the sun. Oh how i love the sun. i literally need sunglasses to defend myself from the sun. oh the sun. 

Basically, at my fellow college, I am located at a computer which happens to have a huge window behind it. Now, the sun is directly behind this window and it's wonderful glow is beaming into my eyes. So, Denby's way of overcoming this great wrath is too put my head into my left hand and create a head rest whilst I use the computer monitor as a defense system from the sun itself. So, life is great right now. I happen to be full of cold and everything is pretty bund' up. Denby is not pleased. Why can't human eyes have automatic sun glasses which turn on as soon as the sun reaches a certain brightness.

great. my stomach is rumbling but Denby doesn't want to eat because her tonsils are swollen up. welcome to my daily problems. 

Anyway, I am really intrigued with cute illustrations. If you do not know what I mean by this I shall show you some examples: 
I find these illustrations simply adorable and I am starting to think about developing my own illustrations with Denby's idea of humor. I love simple illustrations. They are adorably adorable. You should also check out the artist who created the illustration examples. I believe his name is Shanghi Tango and all his work his so simple yet so clever. He has impressed me. I am not often impressed. Bravo Tango. (lol rhyme).

anyway I shall depart as the sun is developing and is gaining a rather high amount of brightness causing my eyes to water high amounts of tears. (logic). 
So, PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 


I love this illustration. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

du du du du duuuuuuu

The world is a strange place with strange people and strange ways of living. That is my view on the world. I don't understand what is 'acceptable' or what is seen as 'perfect'. I don't get it. Social groups involved. You get those people who can make friends easily and are labelled as 'popular'. Now, these sort of people will do anything which the pack leader does. For example,  if the pack leader has a boyfriend to sheep will get a boyfriend. If the pack leader wears a lot of make up; so will the sheep. This is a repetitive cycle which goes on and on and on.

Then you get the 'underdogs'. The people who stay out of everyone's business but still get picked on. They see themselves as different. They will zone out easily and get on with their work and will do well with themselves. To make things easier for you to understand, I guess you think of them as 'geeks'. But personally, I love them.

You also get the 'alternatives'. These are people who are basically, alternative. They can get along with people in a manner which is friendly, loving and kind. I find these to be funny and quirky. But I also find them dressing in clothing which you can say is also 'alternative'.

Then you get the 'inbetweeners'. The sort which is basically stuck in between groups and are unable to move out. I call these the 'lost sheep' as I see they are trying to follow a crowd but they find themselves not wanting too.

And then you get me. I am just stuck in 'Sammy World' which is full of strange and mysterious things which cannot be understand by anyone or anything. I don't even understand the world so there is no way the world can understand me. I don't understand how people can fall into labelled groups which define who they are...but sadly, they do. I wish everyone lived in a world were people can be together and not care about what others think.

I guess, if I was too think of a group to categorize myself, I guess it would have to be 'stuck' because that is what I am. I am stuck in a repetitive cycle of misunderstanding. The day I understand something will be the day I find my feet. But quite frankly, I don't believe I will.

Anyway, before I leave and crack on with some grand coursework of mine, I shall quickly apologize for any spelling errors because once again I have found myself to be on a keyboard which won't register 37% of the keys I press. Dodgy keyboards are now my worst enemy. FACT.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
A cute little abandoned beach setting which I took earlier this year.
I love sun sets.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Strange Thoughts

Okay, I get really odd thoughts. I don't think I have ever disclosed this with someone but the thoughts get weirder and weirder and weirder. Ever day I walk to school and I think something bad is going to happen. I get to school and I always think something bad is going to happen and every where I go I always think something bad is going to happen. It is horrible but I can't stop thinking about bad things happening. I would go in too further explanation but if I would definitely think I am crazy.

I don't understand emoji's. I try too. But I cannot. For example, the winky face. Is it a 'kinky' face or is it meant to be a jokey' face? I don't understand! And why have I got the need to put a laughing face at the end of everything I send. Does it seriously make things instantly better? I DON'T GET THEM...AT ALL.

I am strange.

I also have a cut on my forehead. I have no idea to where it appeared from but I now have a conspiracy theory that I am indeed...Harry Potter. If you saw a picture of it, you would understand. But just remember, I am no longer Sammy Denby...I am HARRY POTTUR. (Intentional spelling error).

Sorry for any missing letters after words. Currently I am trying to write an enthusiastic blog post on a sticky key keyboard. I am not having the best of experiences. However, I am getting there.

I also have a runny nose.

Not pleased.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Emotions are very high

I love him. I can speak and write so many words which may seem meaningless but they are not and that is something which I need to exaggerate. He means everything to me. He takes care of me, he loves me and I can not thank him enough for that! I could spend the rest of  my life with him and you know what? I shall and I will! I will stand by his side every single day. If he needs me? I will be there, (unless my OCD kicks in then I am screwed). But, I love him and I shall let him steal my hat as many times as he wants and in return I shall carry on using his jumper supply as my own wardrobe. Every time I think of him, it makes me extremely happy. I am happy all of the time and it is all thanks to him! I could hug him for a looooooooonnnnnggggggg time.

My emotions are still extremely high from last night. Getting praise by teachers and getting told that I am doing well made me have ye olde goose bumps. Seeing my mother look at me with big bold eyes and having a smile on her face as if to say 'wow well done'. Now that. Made me happy.

I'm also starting to believe that I have OCD. Major OCD. All my life I have felt the need to straighten things and move things. I cannot stop this obsession. I will make a mess and freak about it 10 minutes later and tidy it up and straighten every single little thing. Everywhere I go I do it an it is driving me up the wall. But then again, I get some what of joy out of it. Sooooo, I guess that is a good thing.

I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING. I am going to be 18 in approximately 9 months. It seems a long time but I cannot wait until I am 18. I seriously cannot! OMG OMG OMG OMG.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I didn't take them.
I meant I took a photo of them.
Do not judge me and my terminology.
Okay, you can judge me.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I am doing good?

So so so so, I had my college parents evening tonight and to my surprise, I got really good comments! I am doing well in every subject and I am expected to get high grades which I am extremely shocked about! However, all in all, it was great and le' mother is extremely pleased and happy with me which makes me one happy amigo!

My clock is actually on time.

Anyway, today is ye olde Wednesday and Denby is extremely tired. I have an addiction to chewing gum. At the moment, I am using it as my preventation, (new word), from eating many sugars. Recently all of my food consumption has revolved around sugarrrr so I am trying not to consume as much sugar as possible. SUGAR IZ BAD.

I have no idea what I am on about.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Why not add a bit of humour to the blog?

Monday, 16 November 2015

Denby's Tree Dictionary

Tree Number One...The Red Maple.
Or as Denby calls it: the blue eert
Tree Number Two...Chestnut Oak
Or as Denby calls it: uber bush
Tree Number Three...Ash Tree
Image result for ash tree
Or as Denby calls it; The tree which sounds like fire but is just a tree.

That is just a really bad insight to what 'Denby's Tree Dictionary' would be like. I didn't realize how difficult it was to add pictures to a blog on a college computer which happens to have a dodgy keyboard. 
Anyway, I am undergoing an adventure. I have no clue what sort of adventure but it is in fact an adventure.

Also, I would like to dedicate some time to remember those who have died in Paris on Friday night. The attacks were dreadful and I cannot bear to think why anyone would do such a thing but sadly, it has been done and I am sending all my respect and love to Paris! The world is one scary place but the only thing we can do is hope for the best!

PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
A picture of a tree.
Which Denby took.
It happened to be relevant to the topic.

Anyway, I hope every one has a great day and I apologize now for any spelling errors. I blame this keyboard as it is dodgy and sticky and horrible. But it still kind of works.

I do not know what I am on about anymore.

I HAVE A BRICK IN MY BAG. A LEGIT BRICK...IN..MY.BAG. I now know why I am a random person.