Friday, 30 October 2015

Why am I always tired

One day I will have a full entire day which I will not be tired. Not even once. This is one of my many ultimate goals in life because I am sick of being tired randomly. I will be happy and jolly then next minute I am curled up in a ball wanting to sleep but the worst part is...I am unable to sleep. This slightly aggravates me.

I am suddenly cold now. URGH WHY CAN'T I BE NORMAL. I hate the term normal but I am coming to realise that I am using it an awful lot. I really want to sleep right now but I need to write blogggg because blogggg is awesome and you are all awesome for using your own valuable time to read it. Seriously dudessssss, thank you!

I still want to write a book. (That previous paragraph randomly reminded me of it). But yes, I might start writing a book once I have my college work out of the way. Imagine writing and publishing a book as good as 'Paper Towns' or even Harry Potter? I want to be able to write a book which not only people will love, but movie makers would love. This would then enable someone, with the help of myself, to create a film based upon this random book of mine. IT EVEN HAPPENED WITH THE DIARY OF A WIMPY KID! I will gather some inspiration and I shall undergo this grand and ludicrous task of mine.

I have to stop thinking of random and highly impossible ideas which I am adamant that I am going to undergo but then I never do. HOWEVER, I WILL ACTUALLY UNDERGO ONE LUDICROUS IDEA AND SEE WHAT THE END RESULT IS. Because, I am weird and also highly crazy.

I also need to wash the pots and eat some tea before I go and venture the outdoor world with my younger sibling, brother and le boyf'. Fridays are my good days.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Today has been a good day....
I finally got my photos back

Thursday, 29 October 2015


I have once again returned to the mighty laptop of terror. However, my spellcheck has disappeared so I am sat writing away hoping to God I am spelling things correctly. I think it is due to myself using ye olde Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome. much as people can hate Internet Explorer, it is pretty good speed wise. I can type a sentence without my full laptop going into breakdown mode.

Yes, I have many troubles with my laptop. I refreshed it once again last night so I hope I have re-gained my library of mystifying pictures back because I liked my pictures. All of them were unique and had random stories behind them all. (I am too scared to check whether or not I have them back).

HALLOWEEN IS ON SATURDAY. I AM SO EXCITED EVEN THOUGH I THINK I AM WORKING BUT STILL, I AM VERY EXCITED BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS AMAZING AND YEAH. I wish I could dress up and hand out sweets to children and decorate the house and what not...but work will be fun, besides I get paid which means my savings will increase and in the long term, it will make me happy.

I discovered that I receive more pleasure and joy by finding an old backpack under my bed then I do actually buying a new backpack. Basically, I sorted my room out and discovered I had a backpack under my bed, (bear in mind I already have two of the things), and it made me really happy purely because now I have the capability to swap and fluctuate between different backpacks. That makes me really happy.

SPEAKING OF BEING REALLY HAPPY. The fellow boyf' makes me extremely happy. Especially after today! We use to spend full days together and pretty much mess around and do random stuff. But, we have not been able to have these sort of days in a long time. However, today was the day that we finally had one of these days and I couldn't be happier. We chilled and snuggled up together, played Minecraft together, (although my attention span didn't last long), drank tea together and chilled more together. It has been adorable. Oh and we had a laughing fit together. It was seriously the best laughing fit I have had in a long time. It made me late for my conscientious mind but it was certainly worth every minute. FLOATING MEERKATS.

I am starting to slowly develop a high amount of proudness for myself...becauseeeeeeeeeee... I am writing more and more and more instead of short flimsy posts. Something so stupid makes me highly proud of myself. OHHHHHHHHH, I bought some Star Wars cereal. Now that is one accomplishment which I can proudly cross off my bucket list. (A bucket list which I need to update rather soon).


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Yeah...I lost all my photos so here is a re-upload of one I took quite a while ago.
I will get them back even if it takes me a WHILE.
I will do it.
(Read that back but in a terminator kinda' voice).
Have a good day/evening/night amigo's!
I think I might start writing this off my Kindle, it was kind of fun.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

this is weird

So, my laptop is officially dead, (battery and in general wise), so, that means I have succumbed to my beloved Kindle Fire, (basically a literally is just a tablet to me). If feels weird writing a post of a tablet, usually I have written 2 paragraphs by now on legit keyboard but it is taking twice as Long on a touch screen one. Although this tablet has spell check and auto-correct, it predicts words at such high speeds that it decides to change my words so I apologise now for odd sentences and for anything which does not make any sense. I blame the tablet.

Electronic tablets are, in general, call them a tablet but the amount of times I have been misunderstood purely because I have said, "I was on my tablet this morning" or "I charged my tablet last night". Basically, something so simple can sound so odd and weird.

I believe my new favourite word is 'weird' now. It is a quirky word which I am growing rather fond of. *Sammy said in such a posh accent*

It has just come to my attention that I apologise a lot on here. I want to apologise for apologising but then that would be defeating the purpose to which I stated that I apologise too much. I have just rather confused myself.

Life tip: don't drink a large amount of tea at 9pm. It doesn't seem late and to some.people they are able to simply fall asleep after drinking a cup of tea. However. I am one of those very unfortunate souls who will drink tea for the absolute pleasure of it but then I forget the consequences which includes staying up a lot longer than anticipating. I am one nugget.

Anyway, it happens to be 12:36am here and I am rather tired therefore I shall leave you with a remarkable image as I believe it is time for:

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I took this photo a while ago but I cannot remember whether or not I previously uploaded it to this blog or not...
Ah well, you may have it again.
I casually took this image whilst I was on a swing at the local park.
Converse and a lovely summery sky is all you need for a great warm photograph like this.

I hope you have a great day/evening/night and I shall write soon!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I am one tired human

I am extremely tired. Extremely. Purely because le boyf' had to go to accident and emergency late last night so I tagged along with him and ended up being there for four hours. I was moody at one point but then I had a random sugar rush then I was hyper then I was tired then I drank Mountain Dew, which I do not recommend, 66g of sugar is not good for you at 4 in the morning. However, le boyf' is fine and he is all good! WAHOO.

I am still tired. In the 2 minutes it took to write the first paragraph, my brain somehow thought I wouldn't be tired afterwards but once again, my brain was mistaken.

I need to write a legit bucket list. I need a diary again! THAT IS WHAT I NEED! A diary which I can treasure when I am 21 and complete dreams which I have right now. WaTER.

I am feeling really random right now even though I am half asleep. I always manage to lose pens and highly random stuff in the depths of my bed. I will have a pen in my hand and then when I need the pen, I will have somehow lost it within my bed. I have an evil bed.

I keep getting really itchy and I have to admit, it is fairly annoying. I also just realized that there is a high amount of 'I's within this post. Lel.

I had loads to write about but my mind has just gone blank! YEY, thank you tired mind.

Bucket list now includes travelling to the dead sea. YOU CAN FLOAT IN IT, HOW DID I NOT KNOW. I really really really want to go and travel the world. When I was younger I didn't want too travel the world nor go abroad. Now, the one thing I want to do is travel the world with him and bring back gifts for the brother.

I must scadoodle before I lose my marbles, I have a Christmas list to write and saving money to consider. Sooooooo...

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
This is the same picture I uploaded to this blog a while ago.
I refreshed my laptop the other day.
And lost 98% of my files, including my pictures.
I forgot about that!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

well well well

I had my first ever shift last night at work and it was fricken' awesome. Although I looked dead and bewildered due to myself having the world's worst headache. It was still rather fun and I can't wait to go back again, it is going to be awesome because next time I hopefully won't have a headache because headache's are the worst. For me, every time I have a headache, it is always connected to my eyes as I get really bad eye strain. WAHOO!

Oh ma GoD, I love Adele's new song; Hello. She is back and I have to say, she is purely amazing. Her songs have so much meaning and having her portraying the meaning with her voice and the use of music is simply perfection.

Speaking of perfect; he is perfect. He is literally so perfect and everyday I love him more and more, (if that is even possible). Every single day after I have finished work, he has been there despise how late it is. I love him so much! I am seriously the most luckiest girl in the entire world to have him.

ALSO, I made a great purchase today. I bought....Mozart and Shakespeare. I love really random and quirky stuff and I have to say that this is probably one of the most randomest purchases I have ever made. EVIDENCE: ALSO:
PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
This is the mighty Shakespeare and Mozart. They are awesome, the size of them is small but still they are mighty epic!
Many apologies for the small post but my laptop is running really really slowly. Like, unbelievably slow.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Happy Happy Happy Happy

For once, I am a happy bunny. (Well, I am always happy when I see him but I am a LEGIT happy bunny). Basically, the job I was on about? Yeah, well, I may have got it and I haven't been happier about it! My confidence is finally growing however I am still trying to learn how to  raise my voice because although I am a happy bunny, I am a quiet bunny.

I am also writing on another college keyboard, however, this keyboard is one of my favorite keyboards purely because it enables me to write so smoothly an write with elegance, (if that is even possible). I might invest in a keyboard like this even though I have a laptop with a built in keyboard....I would rather have this keyboard.

My eczema is once again playing up and it is really irritating...quite literally. I want to scratch it soo bad but I really can't otherwise it will hurt more. ECZEMA Y U DO DIS!

Lips Lips Lips Lips
Winter Winter Winter
Why Why

I should totally be a poet. (Cool Face).

I must make a swift exit in a minute as today is 'LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT BUT BE PRODUCTIVE DAY'. Every other Friday, (meaning fortnightly on a Friday), I will either have a productive day or a very unproductive day. This means one Friday I will do loads of work and on the other Friday I won't do much work. So today is Friday, the productive Friday, so I shall undergo a high amount of work. Starting with Science, (or art).

Oh, when I say 'LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT', I seriously mean it as I am wearing his over-sized hoodie, (WHICH IS SERIOUSLY COMFY), along with seriously comfy yet highly fluffy socks which are overflowing from my red converse. You see, the fluffy socks wouldn't be so bad but the socks are purple. They don't go well with the red over-sized hoodie or the red converse but they are comfy. So, today is more like 'LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT BUT A COMFY IDIOT AND BE PRODUCTIVE DAY'.

I don't know what I am on about but I am really happy and I am waiting for him because I want to hug him and yeah.

Anyway, I must make a swift exit, soooooooooooooo, I shall leave you with an image to which I have no idea if it will come up or not! Adios Amigo, have a great day/afternoon/evening! :)

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I think this is an image from the abandoned place. 
It looked cool.
That is all I have to say...

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Decisions and Motivation

I am attempting to be more motivated. This is a goal of mine I need to undergo now because I am sick of having a lack of motivation and will power. Basically, it all began when I realized I am becoming a lazy individual and THIS was because I was just sat at home doing nothing with myself and I feel horrible, body wise. Therefore, I decided to do something with myself. This meant I was going to start running properly, once again. However, I needed motivation to do so. So, I faced my ultimate fear, (of going under the bed), and dug out my old running shoes which still look as if they are in brand new condition. So, as soon as I get back from college and applying for a job, I am going to go for a short 20 minute run! WILL POWER.

Speaking of will power, at college I am doing Art and Design, as you may already know, but I have made a crucifying decision. This decision is too produce an A1 paper sized stippling piece of work based upon my current theme of our local towns Fishing Heritage. This is one decision which I just know I am going to regret. However, I have to keep thinking about the end results because if I actually manage to finish it, I believe it will turn out really well and it will be the most successful thing I have done this year. (I am expected to do that and a stop motion animation, both of which take a lot of time, yay).

Also, I have spent hours of this day trying to motivate myself to apply for a job. There is a job going in my local town and I saw the vacancy this morning. However, I don't have much confidence and it is really starting to bug me. Urgh. I know I need a job and I really want one, however, I just need that confidence boost which I sure hope hits me sooner or later.

I am also writing this at college and I am typing on a keyboard which, to my belief, is spectacular purely because all the keys work and it is really smooth to type on. Unlike many other keyboards in this college.

Anyway, it is now time for Denby to take a swift exit, so, I shall see you again soon.
(Many apologies for not writing yesterday).

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Hopefully, if this picture has uploaded.
I took this picture just the other week.
It is simple and may be boring but I surprisingly quite like it.

Monday, 19 October 2015

You'll help me make the music of the night

The title to you will be very random and obscure. This is due to the title being a line from one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's most famous musicals; The Phantom of the Opera. Now, this musical one of my many favorite musicals of all time. The music is mainly opera and is beautifully composed and written. At this very moment in time, I am feeling rather weird. Weird is the only term I can use to describe how I feel therefore you shall never understand full how I feel right now.

No, I am not on drugs.

Or alcohol for that matter.

I am perfectly fine.

Oh, I did drink tea.

Which includes caffeine.

Many apologies.

Anyhow, my curiosity about who reads my blog is slowly becoming stronger and stronger. I do know a few amount of people who read this, however, I am baffled and curious to know who else interestingly reads my blog. Hmmm.

I think I am hyper, again, many apologies. I don't know whether I need to cut down on tea or whether to drink more of the stuff. I MIGHT INVEST IN A FLASK AND BRING TEA TO SCHOOL WITH ME.

Oooooooo, intense moment in the Phantom of the Opera. BANTER. (I am currently watching the feature film of the play). ((It is amazing)). (((HIGHly recommend))).

I want to sleep but effort.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Here, have Henry. I was unable to rotate the picture. 
I am dearly sorry.
But, Henry looks happier.
He couldn't be happier.
Henry is cool.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


I hate having great ideas and ambitions purely because I never undergo them. I want to lose a bit of weight but then every obstacle comes in my way therefore not allowing me to pursue my ambition. Basically, I am starting to get sick of being ill. I need to boost up my immune system by eating properly and eating healthy foodddddddddd.

I really fancy an apple. But I have to wait until tomorrow when the fruit shop is open. That is upsetting.

I forgot to purchase eggs.


Anyway, I had a great time at le boyf's. It was really really really really cute. Basically, I slept over last night and it was adorable. Now folks, I recommend you do one thing in your life. This one thing is the best thing to which you will ever ever ever do. It is: have a bubble bath with the most important person to you and drink tea at the same time. Seriously. Do it. If you don't, you will regret it and it will haunt your mind for a LONG time. (You're welcome).

Before I forget:
Bad picture but this is my pointillism which I have mentioned recently. On the left you can see my own original photograph's and on the right you can see my pointillism, (well, stippling). The two drawings are entirely made up off dots and I have to say, I am rather proud. It takes time but I guarantee you, it is worth it in the end! 

Anyway, I have some more artwork to endure so I shall leave you with another marvelous photograph:

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a photo I took at an abandoned place. 
It amazed me how plants and weeds will still grow despite having no soil or living people around.
Hard to explain what I mean.
But, you get the point...
I hope.

I hope you have a great day/afternoon or whatever and eye shall see you soon.
(See, I have great puns).

Saturday, 17 October 2015

ill, slow and meh

I have not been feeling well lately and it is starting to get to me. I want to rearrange my room and sort everything out but I ain't feeling the motivation and then when I do get motivated, everything hurts. At this very moment my little finger hurts, why? Well, I went ice skating last night, (which I have to admit was very fun), however, I fell over and now my wrist feels as if it is bruised and my little finger keeps twitching. Oh, and I have a bruise on my foot. I keep injuring myself lately. URGH.

Asides from that, my computer is very very very very slow. It takes Google Chrome a good five minutes to load as soon as I open it. However, it is a laptop which does work so I shall let it off and be grateful for that.

Urgh motivation where are you?

I still don't feel well and it is bugging me. I will sort my room out sometime today.

Anyway, how are you?
That is great.
Seriously, that is great.
No, I am not being sarcastic...Jeeez.

You know when you are going crazy when you can have a full on argument with yourself about the most stupidest of things.

The other day, I was walking past the local public library and I thought to myself 'I should probably go in there sometime'. This is because I use to go majority of the time because I had no friends and I still don't now so to be fairly honest, books were my friends. I miss reading all the time and I miss having a quiet environment where I could sit and work and be happy and think to myself. Therefore, I am actually going to go there again. Not today. But I shall go Tuesday after college! (It closes early today and it is  not open until Tuesday which I have to admit, is fairly annoying.

Similarly speaking, I thought of actually going to the local coffee shop, It looks really nice but I seriously hate people judging you and that is the exact atmosphere I scence when I walk past there, (something I often do), Also my confidence is dropping once again which makes me feel meh.

In a good note, I did well in my English exam which has made me extremely happy. Now, I can rest my head every night knowing I worked hard and something actually paid off. I need to start working hard more. I really do.

Now, I must leave you as I have some motivation I once again need to regain. So, I hope you have a marvelous day/evening/night and I shall speak to you soon!
Asides from taking too many pictures of him.
I love him to pieces. 
I may have my bad days, but he is always there to turn it into a good day.
I am probably the most luckiest human being ever to be able to call him mine. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Apologies, stippling and lack of sleep.

Firstly I apologize for the long gaps between each post. I will catch up, it is one of my new 'October Goals'. I can't believe we are halfway through October, it is crazy. You know what else is crazy? This keyboard. I am not in my homely environment as, in fact, I am at college once again and it is lunch time. I hate break and lunch. I know it is necessary to have breaks every now and again but to me it is just a waste of time especially when you are cold and lonely. (My hands are turning purple).

Asides from being extremely cold, I have found a new interest! Stippling. Similar to pointillism but stippling is an art technique were you create an image purely out of dots. In my art subject at college we got set a task to try stippling and quite frankly, it is the one thing in art which I am good at. It takes a long time but the result is amazing! I really want to show you right now but I have no access to a camera and everything on these computers are blocked due too safety reasons..blah..blah..blah. However, here is an example of this 'amazing' technique of the 'amazing'..GOOGLE:
It is such an awesome technique. The best part of it, personally, is the mind numbing part. Whilst dotting all over the page, you don't have to think about anything and it is really relaxing, especially when you zone out. But once reality hits you, you get to look at what you have done then you realize that you have formed a 'cool as heck' image. When I am in my homely environment, I shall show you what I have recently produced. 

I need to sleep more. I have been going to bed early, (9;30pm), but I have soon realized that my body needs more and more sleep. I think it is due to the days getting darker later and earlier. It will get to 7pm here and it will already be pitch black. It is cool and awesome but it messes with your head a wee bit. 

I apologize now for any spelling errors or grammar errors, I purely blame this keyboard. It is highly annoying. Trust me. 

Anywaywaywaywaywaywayway, today's marvelous PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
This is a photo I took the other week with le boyf' at this abandoned building.
Abandoned places are cool.
Just like you.

Adios Amigo's, I hope you have a good day/evening/night.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Urgh stomach ache

Hate food but I still eat it.


I don't care about that because today I hit two mini-milestones! The first one being that this is officially my 100th post on this blog and I have realized how much this blog has developed into what it is now! I have never been so grateful of people reading or having an interest in my work! I don't believe I can write properly or anything like that, but the fact you read my stuff, it boosts my confidence and it makes me happy because I am a quiet person and by being able to express myself on this, it is amazing. So, basically, THANK YOU FOR READING!

I just realized it is the 13th. Then I thought it was Friday. But it isn't. It's only Tuesday. Phew.

The second mini-milestone is that I have been with the boyf for 200 days today! (We know because we have a 200 day snapchat streak, THANK YOU SNAPCHAT). But yes, 200 days today. I seriously cannot believe it. I remember when we reached 100 days. It feels not so long ago. It is really odd. However, I love him so flipping much!! I am one lucky potato to have him. I care about him so much and I just know how much he cares for me and I am so grateful for that! I am speechless. I am just too happy right now because I always know I have him and that I am always there for him.

Oh my, it is Wednesday tomorrow.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
200 Days with HIM!
I love you!

Sunday, 11 October 2015


I have many fears just like the vast majority of the world does. Fears are something which petrify me in every way possible. I do believe I am scared of the term fear itself. It is a frightful fear. Some of my fears vary. For example, they can be something small like, the fear of spiders or they can be something big like, losing my family.

HOWEVER, I am scared of being scared. My head brings up horrible thoughts every single day and now I am beginning to develop a fear of my own head and my own thoughts. That my friend is very worrying.

I am scared of losing things.

I am scared of losing him.

It is a never ending fear which develops more and more each day as each day we form a bigger bond than the day before.

On a brighter note. I actually accomplished one of my main objectives on my bucket list. That objective was to face my fear of rides. The annual fair has finally arrived and I went last night with the family. I managed to drag myself on the ride with my younger sister, now, this was a huge accomplishment because last year I would not of gone on that ride at all and the fact I brought myself to do it makes me very very very very happy! I am proud of myself for something so stupid. YAY.
What makes it even better is that tomorrow I am going back, however, I am going with the boyf' and the bro. Us three as a combination going to the fair is going to be an extremely funny evening. I cannot wait!

However, I never want to eat fast food ever ever ever again. Me no likey.

Anyway: PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
Chubby lil' Denby in her element: The Kitchen.
I surprisingly love this photo. 
Purely because I wasn't camera shy back then.
Also because I am rocking those sandals. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Emotionally Happy

I woke up...happy like a bee, (I think bees are happy), then, I woke up with banter. 

I don't like banter. 

I even had jam on cereal.

But banter occurred. 

Now I am upset. 

Please don't have banter with me.

I am a sensitive soul.


I am a sensitive nugget.

I need more sleep.

But sleep is not on the menu.

Why can't I be 100% happy right now.

Instead of 29%.

29 is an odd number.

I don't like odd numbers.

Hope y'all have a great day today! 

Because I will.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I love him.
and that turtle.

The Strange Environment

I am not writing this on my laptop nor am I writing this at home. In fact, I am currently writing this on a computer at college. I have to say, this keyboard is very nice to type on. I really would like a keyboard like this for myself. Keyboards are cool. I am curious to find out who invented the keyboard and how the keyboard evolved during technology's own evolution.

I am feeling rather random today even though all I seem to be doing is sneeze on random and inappropriate situations. For example, this morning I was trying to find my college card then BAM 3892137937219837 sneezes came out of nowhere and induced an attack on my body at the most inappropriate time.

I don't like phones. I have discovered this over night. Reason being: People waste money on 'amazing' phones which only induce trouble, as I have also discovered. They also brainwash people. Like, we don't need phones, so why brainwash us into buying one? I DO NOT GET IT!

I really want this keyboard still.
Christopher Latham Sholes - The inventor of the keyboard - I am proud of you sir! I Denby Salute you!

I must scadoodle and make my way from this computer and into social land. So....

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I am not sure if the photo can be seen.
But, here, have some rocks.

I hope you have a good day amigo's!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


I have been looking down my blog and I have realized my titles are pretty much ludicrous. They don't even really go with the topic of what I am writing about. So, my new 'October Goal' is to learn how to create titles. My other goals is also to learn how to talk properly. By this I mean I want to talk slower and in a way which enables other people to understand me. (I speak way too fast).

I am also pretty proud of myself this school year. My attendance is really good and I am getting work done along with handing it in on time! Wahoo! I am on a role! After last year I learnt not to mess up and that is exactly what I am doing this year! (I always end up learning from my mistakes).

Oh, yeah, I need to stop out-beating people. I was with le boyf' yesterday and we happened to be discussing subjects that we do at college and I soon realized I was trying to out-beat him by saying I do more subjects than he does. I know I have a bad habit of doing this but I have recently been noticing it more and more. (I also realized it takes me a while to type the word 'recently').

I FORGET TO TELL YOU ALL! I want to write a book. I don't think I have told anyone but I was thinking, J.K.Rowling and all these famous authors started at the bottom, like me, and my imagination is absolutely crackers so I thought, wHy NoT wRiTe A bOoK! I look writing despise the fact I am no good at it and also despise the fact I never proof read anything I write, (also another 'October Goal'), it would be fun to do and you never know, I might be the new Suzanne Collins. JUST TO CLARIFY I AIN'T REPLACING NO WORD WIZARD, (I also refer to authors as word wizards...don't ask).

Before I ramble on about writing a book, I may leave you here as I do have a college to attend and clothes to put on. However, I hope you have a marvelous day and I shall speak to you soon amigo's!

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I wasn't actually meant to upload this photo as I clicked on it by accident...oops. 
However, here you go. 
This was me at my end of school prom in 2014. 
I can't believe it was over a year ago, feels like just yesterday.
Da' Dah

Monday, 5 October 2015


It has taken me a while to make and upload and it isn't even that good. BUT, I have finished adding clips together and forming a video for your entertainment and also for virtual memories. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did making it! The sound may be a little but funny on some parts of it but hey ho, I did it. The link will be/is -

Anyway, in other 'interesting' news, October weather has finally hit the UK and it has been raining all day and it has also been very chilly. For others this is bad news, however, to me this is great news as I can finally begin wearing my woolly hats and knitted scarfs and I won't get judged for it. So, this makes me one happy bunny.

Speaking of happy bunnies, there is one person that does make me one truly happy bunny and that person, as you may have already guessed, is 'him', aka, the soul mate, aka, the boyf'. He makes me really happy even when I am feeling down and dismal, he still manages to put a smile on my face and that is one of the many things I extremely love about him!

I also need to save up my money and begin looking for a job...extreme measure style. I need to start looking around my local area and hand out vast copies of my CV because I really need a job to save up for birthday presents and Christmas presents because this year I want it to be the best Christmas ever and to do so, I want to get the gifts my family actually deserve and the gifts the bro' and the boyf' deserves! (I also want it to be a white Christmas but I don't see that happening anytime soon).

Speaking of awesome events...IT IS HALLOWEEN SOON!!! This year I am going to Trick or Treating and dress up in one of the most random-est costumes I can come up with! It is going to be awesome! Then soon after it happens to be bonfire night which means fireworks and bonfires whilst snuggled up with him. I just got goosebumps whilst writing and visually imagining that thought! Eeeeeeek, I cannot wait!

I must take a swift exit, however, I shall continue writing more words for your entertainment tomorrow!

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
An awesome spider in the center of it's magical web. 
I liked this photo.
Took ages for my camera to focus on it.
But I got there in the end! 
Goodnight Amigo's
Or Good morning...