Sunday, 31 January 2016


So, Friday. I worked until 11pm. I went home. I went to sleep. I woke up. My bikes were gone from my garden. I thought my mum had moved them. But nope. They were stolen. THANK YOU TO THOSE WONDERFUL MATEY'S WHO STOLE THEM. THANK YOU. YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE GREAT. THANKS.

I struggle with my weight okay and cycling calmed me down but now I don't have a bike to calm myself.

I am trying to be happy but it has really upset me. I am going to get a new bike if I don't hear anything about these bikes but it is the concept of what happened. Why steal? Why do such a thing? How could anyone live with themselves? Just the thought of going into someone else's property and stealing something sentimental makes me upset.


They may have only been bikes but to me they were my anti-depressants. Yes, it sounds really stupid and sad and pathetic but urgh.

The worst part is that one of the bikes was my boyf's and now i feel even worse because it was my responsibility to take care of it but nope.

Okay. rant over.

Anyway, there is some good news. I am getting a new phone! I love my phone which I have now but the one thing which is annoying is the camera's on it. The back camera is okay but it has a front camera which can't even detect a face let a loan colours. I cannot wait because I can now take pictures on the go and it has tons of storage which also means I can download apps including blogger. Installing blogger means I can write on the go! EEEeeeeekkkkkk.

Anyway, after my rant and what not. I am going to go and rest because I am still upset. I can't bike to college now:(

I hope everyone has a good day and I hope everyone is positive and happy because everyone deserves to be happy.

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I found this picture a while ago.
I love little illustrations like this.
It's cute.

Ps, I apologise for any spelling mistakes, blah blah blahhhhhh.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Yes, I am alive.

I died mentally but physically, nope. Basically, I have been very busy last week! I attended college every day, then I went to work four days in a row. It has been very tiring. BUT, something amazing did happen. I HAD MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON!!! Ever since I was little I have always wanted to drive and as soon as I turned 17 last August, I had been waiting for my first ever driving lesson. Then I finally had it. WAHOOOOOO, BROWNIE POINTS FOR SAMSAM! I managed to drive the car and go up to 3rd gear and back down again. It was amazing! It has seriously motivated me in all aspects of life. My next lesson is today. I am slightly nervous but my excitement is overwhelming that factor.

I hope everyone has been okay. I have dearly missed writing on here because there are no rules or guidelines unlike my college work. Speaking of college, it has been going good for once. I have almost finished my huge A2 Pointillism, (stippling) piece which has taken me over a month to do. And the only lesson I am slacking a bit is science purely because I rather dislike practical work and that is all that I have seem to do. I am also slacking in taking photos, I need to take more PHOTOSSSSSSSSS for you all to seeeeeeeee.

I have college in 20 minutes and quite frankly, I would rather stay here and write all day about my adventures in life but nope. My 100% attendance is apparently more important.

OOOOOOOOOO, I forgot to mention le bro. I finally managed to see him this weekend just gone and it was AWESOME! I miss the good old days of just chilling and messing around but in a mature way. It was honestly amazeballs. (Just to clarify, I hadn't seen le bro in about a month).

Le boyf' has to be mentioned if the bro is. Me and le boyf' are amazeballs. I oddly miss him even though I see him almost every day! I cannot wait for Valentines day though! I have the best gift(s) idea ever! But I need to find a date in which I can get these gifts.....hmmmmmmm.

I must scadoodle because now I have 15 minutes to get to college so I hope everyone reading this, (and everyone else in the world), has a wonderful day because Tuesday's are wonderful day days. Anyway, farewell, I shall speak to you all soon!

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I took this a while back purely because I was baffled by the statue's sandals.
Sandals are weird to me.
Don't ask.

Monday, 18 January 2016

January Blues (or blus)

Today is the 18th of January and the time is 08:49. I am currently at college writing this blog on a laptop with two keys missing. Life is great. I don't know what I am on about now. 

Anyway, winter has finally arrived. I have witnessed a blizzard, hale stone along with ice cold rain. I have also witnessed ice which I have to admit that it is the best thing about winter. I just love sliding around...I am a child stuck in a 17 year old body but still look like a child. YAY. 

I have loads to write about a moment ago but now I have just hit a wall which is probably known as writers block I think? I am not to sure. 

I have a new song(s) recommendation!!! Arctic Monkeys - Knee Songs. It is such an amazing song! I cannot get over it. The funky tune and the lyrics is purely sensational. (Yeah...I am being a little bit over dramatic but ah well).  Another song I have discovered and highly recommend is X ambassadors - Renegades. This is a song which is actually in the charts somewhere but I like it. Usually popular songs don't appease me but this one is amazing. If you like Imagine Dragons then this song is definitely worth putting on your playlist. 

Urghhh, Monday means I have work to do but I could happily write on this blog for days on end. But no...WOOOORRRRRKKKKKKK. I have loads of work to do and to catch up on. For example, I have tons of artwork which I want to do but I need to get my health and social care work done before I can do art purely because I have spent way too much time on my artwork. Oops. 

I cannot decide on what music to listen too whilst I do work. You see, the problem I have is, I am limited to what I can listen to as I have only certain songs on my phone and the rest is on my Kindle. URGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  

Anywho, I apologize about the boring post, I shall update you later once I have time. 

FAREWELL! I hope you all have a good day/evening/night. 

PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
this is a photo I took last year, I love blossom trees in summer.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Disney Party?

Yes. Denby went to a Disney themed party. Basically, one of my close friends turned 18 and she threw a Disney themed party which meant that those who were invited had to dress has a Disney character. So, me and the boyf' went as Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Sadly, he didn't have a Mickey Mouse had a marvellous idea of printing out an A4 label saying 'Mickey Mouse' and then stuck it to the back of a t-shirt. I have to say it was pretty funny. On the other hand, Denby actually had a Minnie Mouse costume and I regret wearing it. Boobage is the reason why and I shall not go into detail with that. 

Anyway, the party was really fun but me and the boyf' didn't drink and got tired really easily. So, we wandered off back to his house were we chilled and watched the documentary 'Catfish'. If you haven't already seen it or heard of it, please, go watch it. It is such a good film/documentary. I don't usually watch films twice but this film I have seen about 10 times and still can't get over how good it is. 

Speaking of documentaries, I watched 'Blackfish' which is a documentary about SeaWorld and how they basically 'preserve' the whales and basically how bad it is. I definitely recommend watching that along with 'Catfish'. (ps, they sound alike but they are definitely not in the same category or genre of film). 

I just realised we are 10 days into 2016 and I haven't really kept up with any of my New Year Resolutions. I might start 2016 tomorrow since tomorrow is a Monday and Mondays are the most cliche date to start anything new. (Most commonly; Diets). 

I would love to stay and chat to you, (aka myself), but I must scadoodle and consume some food with the family. Farewell amigo's. I hope you have or had a lovely day/evening/night and I shall speak to you, (myself), again very shortly. 

PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
Why yes, it is such a clear picture of a picture(s).
But, its of me and le boyf' at le partayy.
We had fun.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Liebster Award

Soooooo, I recently have been nominated by the amazing Abby for the Liebster Award. I didn't have a clue in the world what it was until Abby tagged me and it honestly looks really fun.
By the way, please go check Abby and her blog out, it is really amazing and her artwork is un-real!

There are rules to this thing and they areeee:
1 - Link back to the person who tagged you...2 - Answer all of the questions...3 - Tag 11 bloggers who have less than 1000 readers...4 - Ask them all 11 questions...5 -Let them know that you have tagged them...I honestly have no clue why I added ellipses to the end of every rule...

1. Last song I have listened to?Halsey - Hurricane. Honestly, I found it on YouTube and it is such a good song. Highly recommend.

2. Favourite Children's Book?Omg Omg Omg. I have too many. My ultimate favourite is definitely James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. If you haven't read it...please...go read it! :D

3. Favourite Quote?"Just take it with a pinch of salt" - My Nan.

4. Ice-Cream or Cupcake?This is really hard to answer but I guess I have to say cupcake purely because I have sensitive teeth. Ice-cream is amazing but cupcake wins this battle!!!

5. If you could live anywhere for a month, where would it be?Straight away, America. More specifically, Florida. My dream is to go to America and simply rent a car and drive around the place. I don't know where my obsession began but I honestly love the place yet I have never been. I don't even have a legit reason to go but still!

6. If you could eat lunch with anyone, who would it be?Ermmmmmmm, I guess Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. I know I should probably choose the boyf' but lunch with Patrick? HELL YEAH!

7. If you could instantly speak one language fluently, which one would you choose?Definitely French. I have no legit reason why. Just French.

8. What are 3 things/people that inspire you?1 - Jars. Purely because they are beautiful and I like the idea of you having the control of what you put in them. 2 - My Earphones because I seriously do not know how they have managed to last this long with me. 3 - Every person in the world who is struggling with depression/anxiety.

 9. When was the last time you laughed and why?When I was with the boyf'' because he always makes me smile and laugh. Simple.

10. What is something that simply makes you happy?My Bed?

11. The best thing about blogging so far?It definitely has to be the people I have come across. I made this blog so I can portray my feelings and learn how to write properly but the people who have supported me and made me smile with great comments are definitely the best thing about blogging.

So, I guess this is the part where I tag 11 blogs...

1 - 
2 -
3 - (why not have two tags in one post)
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -
11 -
Since I am a noob at life, just copy + paste the links in whatever web browser you may be using :)

So, my 11 questions for you are....
1. Your Favourite Album?
2. Favourite book?
3. If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4. Fruit or Vegetable?
5. Your Favourite Holiday?
6. If you could dance with anyone, who would you dance with?
7. Main reason to why you started your blog?
8. What are your top 3 moments of 2015?
9. Who did you hug last?
10. What makes you happy no matter what?
11.  Cheese or Cracker?

Thank you for reading amigo's, I shall see you soon.
*Intense Jaws Theme Music Begins To Play*
*Then Music Descends*

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:

Monday, 4 January 2016

Teenage Blogger Central

I was browsing the web, as I usually do, and I came across Teenage Blogger Central. I was instantly impressed by the format of the blog and especially impressed by their initial purposes. Basically, the blog promotes other bloggers to blog readers, (that is how I impersonate the blog). But the idea is simply amazing! I wanted to find some more blogs out in the internet world for myself to read and then I came across Teenage Blogger Central and I found exactly what I was looking for. A blog full of blog posts to read. Who would of thought of such an interesting idea?!? Also, if you want to find more viewers for your blog, you can simply register on the blog basically advertising your own blog and the admin will advertise your blog on the blog. (I JUST CONFUSED MYSELF AND PROBABLY YOU, I AM SO SORRY). But yeah, you should probably go check it out!

I apologise for the really made spelling and grammar. I need to learn how to write again.

But, the link for the amazing blog issssss:


Sunday, 3 January 2016

I am turning Healthy.

I am turning Vegan. Hopefully. I am quite shocked with myself but I am determined to do it. I hate the fact animals get hurt and killed for us humans. I am currently undergoing a lot of research about it but I believe I can do. I understand the difference between Vegetarianism and Vegan-ism and I definitely want to pursue a Vegan lifestyle, not so much Vegetarian. I will miss a lot of foods but I'd rather save a chicken than eat one any day! I am hoping that this lifestyle will make me feel happier in myself. But anyway, I will attempt this crazy idea of mine and I shall document my journey through this blog I guess.

So, it is the 3rd day into 2016 and I am feeling a little better thanks to him! I saw him today and he has made me so so so so happy! I love him so much! I am one lucky chicken nugget, (I won't be saying that any more).

But yesssss, the internet is once again working in the Denby household. I am even more happy then when I already was because Denby cannot live without WiFi. Okay, that does sound pretty bad. What is happening to me. I AM AN INTERNET ADDICT SAVE ME PLEASE.


PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I Am Actually Really Proud Of It.
Have a good day!