Thursday, 31 March 2016


I have been disappointed. My reason? Twinkies. You know those Hostess American snack things with the cream in? Yeah. Them. I have spent so many months being locked in a search for low price twinkies. Finally my search came to an end when I found a place which was selling a 10 pack of individually wrapped twinkies for £1. I WAS SO HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE. However, I was no longer happy once I tried the bloomin' thing. URGH! The best way for you to understand how I feel is by using an example. 
So, for example: Imagine if you went to a top notch shop like Urban Outfitters and you bought a dress for 247891374983184932 squids, (I have a recent habit of calling pounds squids), and then you go to try it on but the dressing rooms are full so you decide to 'yolo'. Now, you believe you have got the correct dress size and you then purchase the dress, You love this dress to pieces by the way. You get home and you instantly try it on. The dress is too small and then you tear it trying to get it off which therefore means you are unable to return the dress. Da Dah. That is how I felt with the twinkies I understand that it is a terrible example but still. 

Okay, life is beginning to get stressful again and it is seriously stressing me out. I kept saying to myself 'yay two weeks to relax'. Nope. As soon as something good happens, something bad comes running straight up. YAY! Thank you life! You are amazeballs. (sarcasm).  But this blog is sort of a stress reliever, It is like that diary you had when you was 14 and you was going through puberty so you was an emotional wreck and you wrote in the diary to calm ya' down. This blog is like that sort of thing. I like it! Although I let you amazing people read it, I still love it! I want you human beings to laugh about my life because laughing is better than crying and laughing makes every individual happy! :-) 

I also do not understand the smily face thingy. :-) The nose just looks odd and I think this smiley face: :) looks a lot cuter... 

I went to doctors earlier and I was starting to feel hungry so afterwards I went to shop and purchased a giant crumpet. My hunger has now gone and I wasted 75p on a giant crumpet I no longer want to eat! GO LIFE! 

Instead of me being a miserable sloth, I hope you are all okay and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day because life is valuable no matter how irritating and annoying it can get! 

pHoTo Of ThE dAy: 
lel, it's a photo I took ages ago, da dah!
I might start posting blog posts off my phone because I just realised I can upload photos of everyday stuff instead of uploading photos of old stuff.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Motivation = 0%

In my absence from this wonderful invention I somehow managed to finish a UK series called 'Thirteen'. If you haven't already heard about it, it a drama about a girl who escaped from her kidnapper after being isolated for thirteen years. (Ironically she got abducted at the age thirteen too). But yeah, the drama basically follows her journey out of imprisonment along with her ex-friends and families side to it all. The drama is really good because you are not sure whether the girl is telling the truth or not but then you finally get to find out what happened to her and blah blah blah. I don't think that was a spoiler...! But yeah, on Sunday it was the last episode of it all and it was amazing and I want to watch it all again but nope. I shall not.

Anywho, today I actually left the house despising the fact I thought I was going to die. I went on a journey to see the boyf', go to the gym with the boyf' along with see the boyf's grandmother and go back to the boyf's house to argue about laptops/chromebooks. Basically, I have been considering buying a new laptop/computer for a long time now as the one I am currently using is on it's way outta' here. Usually I don't buy new things unless I have provided myself with a legit list of reasons. For example, the bikes got stolen so I invested in a new bicycle, legit reason right? Well, this laptop is running at 4 years old and is becoming really sluggish and meh. And how can I not forget to mention the screen. I am not actually sure what I did but I managed to damage the screen a wee bit.
So, I have been looking long and hard for cheap/good laptops or PC's. HOWEVER!!! I soon came across the chromebooks. The chromebooks are pretty much laptops with a huge twist. The huge twist is that they are only designed for web browsing. All I seem to do is web browse!! The prices of the chromebooks are in my price range and I feel as if they are designed for ME. (Not specifically me but yeah). Back to the boyf, we were sat around debating about whether or not I will regret buying a chromebook. I am starting to believe that it is a great idea but he is not and he keeps saying: 'don't say I told you so' if I buy one.


I guess I might just think even longer and even harder on whether a chromebook are worth it or not.

Also, as you may have already read, I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY! I actually went. I am more surprised than my sister when I told her! Finding the motivation to get out of bed is hard so finding motivation for the gym? Do-nut get me started. But somehow I went and I really enjoyed the exercise! I am still considering whether to start the legit membership or not!!!

I still feel like a sloth.

I hope you all have had a good day anyway! I am going to try and find some form of motivation to tidy my room but in the mean time, adios amigos!! :-)

pHoTo Of ThE dAy:

on the plus side of everything, I managed to get a kinda cute photo of him!
I understand that the camera quality is really bad.
But I love him!

Monday, 28 March 2016


I am pretty sure 'seasons greetings' is meant to be for Christmas, however I am not too sure. Anyway, Happy Easter My Fellow Amigos! I hope you are all doing extremely well! It feels so odd to be writing on here once again but I have dearly missed it! I love writing on here but I have many valid reasons for my absence. 

Okay, so, reason number one: 
I MET MY LEGIT FATHER! It sounds really crazy, (it was), but yes, I met my dad for the first ever time! It all started as I was getting ready to go to work and my mum just went to me: 'Sammy your dad has got in touch'. Now, I had a high amount of mixed feelings at work that night, it was really intense. It is a feeling I honestly cannot describe. Imagine if you have never seen your mother/father and they randomly come into your life? It is an odd feeling. But then my mum met up with him and they spoke, blah blah blah and then the following week I was set to meeting him! Now that was the scary part! 

Me, my mother had arranged to go to a pub, (more like a restaurant), to meet my dad. We got their first and I had so many nerves going through me it was unreal. But, I met him! I was expecting some bald dude to be like 'sup I am yo dada' but that was not the case! This man came to the table looking smart yet casual and then my mum went: 'This is your dad'. I was so nervous I didn't know what to say and I don't think he knew what to say either. 

After that I met up with him again and the bond we have is good but still weird. I love him but it's kinda sunk in but it hasn't but it's just nice to have that fatherly figure in my life! It has made me a lot happier and it has just been crazy! But yes, that s one of the main reasons to why I have not been writing! 

Reason number two for my absence was college! I had so much college work to do it has been unreal but I have done the vast majority of it and I have now broke off two for Easter. I am now highly happy. I finally have time to relax and chill! I am still working at le takeaway which can be classified as another reason for my absence but ya' know, working is just a part of life! 

Reason number three (or four): 
THE BOYFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I love him to pieces! it has been awkward for me and him for the past couple of weeks due to the father situation but I think it has brought us closer. Well, thats what I think personally! I love him so so so so much. He can be a nugget sometimes but I personally think everyone in this universe has these nugget moments. For example, myself. I have many nugget moments. Many. 

Anyway the boyf' got a new haircut and it suites him so much. I still cannot get over it. His hair was going a wee bit cray cray but now its amazballs. Basically, its long at the top and cut short around the back and sides and it makes him look even more sophisticated and djsiaojfiorjiogwjeiofkeopkflwfkoaksdopa. 

I do love him. 

I hope everyone has been having a good time and I hope everyone has been a happy bunny! 

I also bought another two jars in the time I was absent. I am sorry. I do have an addiction. 

pHoTo Of ThE dAy: 
I have just had a grand idea of your photos being placed here?
If you have a photo which you think is amazeballs then email it and I upload it onto le blog!
If you also have a blog I will advertise it too because I am cool like that!

So, this is the part were I apologize for any spelling errors or stupid word placements.