Monday, 31 August 2015


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    toDAy i HavE no IdEA

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Yes, it is true.


Once again, Denby returned from the dead. Slight exaggeration...but, what I really mean is...I have returned from being horribly ill. Yey. I am glad to be back in this wonderful, happy, mysterious, crucial world.

It is fairly nice being alive. I rather like it...

Anyway, asides from being ill and witnessing death, I have added minor yet amazing decorations to my bedroom. For instance, I have added adorable lights above my bed which provide a wonderful, calm, peaceful atmosphere to my room along with these awesome, retro record decorations. (I believe they have a proper name for them but I honestly have no clue what it is but these 'record' decorations are mini paper record discs attached to one another with fishing wire creating a lovely piece of decoration to my room). So yes, I am madly in love with my room along with being madly in love with le boyfriend! (Sorry Rachel, relationship goals).

I currently have a laptop which is now 3 years old I believe, however, it is starting to slow down on me and turn into an elderly laptop *sad face*. So, I have decided to finally save up for either a new laptop or a new computer altogether. I really want to be able to use software's such as Photoshop and Microsoft Word without my laptop crashing. Ultimately, I would love to play Minecraft or awesome PC games without my laptop being close to blowing up.

I also have an 'Emoji' issue. For those who may not know what an Emoji should...Google it, or if you are a Bing user..BING IT. Anyway, I am often on my laptop of doom and I am often talking to people, whether it is the brother or the boyf', I am talking to one of them. Within each conversation, the use of Emoji's are often involved. Now, this is where I come across a large problem. I barely understand the use of them. I will just put those *laughing crying faces* at the end of every message, Or, if the conversation is between me and the boyf', I will include *kissy faces* and hearts. I have absolutely no clue on how many Emoji's I should actually incorporate within each individual message. I have no idea. This is someone I don't think I will ever overcome...never.

I don't know what today's 'amazing' blog post was about...but I hope you still enjoyed it and I shall hopefully see you tomorrow where you will hopefully be joining me on another 'boring' yet 'inciting' blog spot.

Adios my fellow amigos.
*Denby Salute*


Friday, 28 August 2015

body y u do dis

I hate it when you get those days were everything annoys you and you just can't be happy no matter how you try. You see, I get these days on a daily occasion. Some being stronger than other. Today is just one of those really bad days.

I also hate eczema. I can go a couple of days with my eczema being perfect and my skin being so clear but then one little thing will irritate it and then BAM, it plays up and leaves me with a rash or red, patchy, skin to contend with. Now that is annoying.

I think I need more sleep. Sleep is good.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

S, (so), O






Best, (sarcasm)



Basically, last night I was attacked by an illness. I was randomly struck with extreme exhaustion, extreme blurry visions along with an extreme headache and it still ongoing as I write this wonderful blog post to which I have no idea what it will turn out like to you, being my honorable readers.

Anyway, asides from being ill and sleeping, I have been locating books to which I can dive on in and read. (WoW). The locating of books was terrible and I have not located a book.

Asides from book locating I have also been browsing the interweb, (aka the internet). I can't believe I am saying this but the internet has been highly boring.

Asides from browsing the internet, I have done nothing.

Wow. Well isn't that interesting?

I hate being ill.

However, the view from my window is rather spectacular. Instead of taking a photograph of the view I am currently seeing and uploading it to here for you to see like a normal person would, (breathes). I am going to describe my view. Basically, out of my 2 windowed window, the sky is a lovely shade of light blue. Among the sky I can see white puffy clouds in little groups floating around as they do. Old buildings are also in sight underneath the sky along with a beautiful roman catholic church. It is a rather beautiful sight.

Anywho, I must return to my bed as my head has just been hit by a boulder, aka a blood vessel, and now I must rest my woozy eyes.

Adios Amigos,
 I hope you have/had a good day!

*Denby Salute*

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Denby Gives Advice...again

Here we are once again. I provide advice for y'all which is either helpful or just a random fact which you will remember for the rest of your life.

#1 - When you get hooked on a new song which has recently been released. Do not purchase the song. You are simply wasting money especially if the song is in the charts as it will be added to 'Now That's What I call Music' whatever number it is on now and you'll invest in that album realizing that the song you fell in love with is in the album and you completely wasted your money.

#2 - Do not ride a bike which has no brakes. Just don't.

#3 - Do not wear hats in summer or in high heat. Why? Well, the answer is obvious but for those who may not understand; your head will sweat....your hair will get covered in sweat....your hat will get covered in sweat...just don't do it unless you don't sweat to which you are extremely lucky and I envy you.

#4 - Take care of yourself! Always try to look presentable. I don't as I dress for comfort more than I do for style or fashion or to make my self look presentable or whatever. I just simply prefer to dress comfortably. I am that girl who goes to shop with a seriously messy bun and an over sized hoodie and awful, old, shoes. Not good.

#5 - If you are like myself and have Eczema or any other, similar, skin condition. Always take care of it and keep on top of it. Yes putting cream on and what not can be a hassle but it's worth it, trust me.


#7 - Listen to 'Stressed Out' by twenty one pilots.

#8 - Be yourself. Don't waste your life trying to pretend to be someone else when that clearly is not you. I'd rather meet you and you be the crazy self as you are rather then meet you and you're acting like Kim Kardashian.

I would provide you with another piece of advice from myself, however, that would cause it to end on an odd number, (9). I would rather not end on an odd number as I'd rather like to end on a happier not then a serious one.

Thank you for reading my fellow amigo's!!


*Denby Salute*

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I can't cook. 

I mean, I love to cook, however, it has come to my attention that I can't cook anything without it either being under cooked or overcooked. The reason to why I am on about cooking is purely because I am currently trying to cook a quiche. A quiche which has a tin cover thing around it. Now, I don't know whether this tin is supposed to be put in the oven along with the quiche or whether I was supposed to take it off. I am pretty sure I was supposed to keep it on....I have no idea. NO IDEA. 

I would be an awful chef. 

Asides from my incapability to cook, (I believe that is the correct term), I cannot swim. I can try. But realistically, I cannot. I also can't write, as you may notice. I cannot do a lot of things. However, I can ride a bike. That is one of the few things I can actually do. 

As per usual, I have no clue what I am rambling on about. However, I hope you do. 

Come Dine With Me is currently on the television. Hopefully you should know what this program is, if not, basically a group of strangers host a dinner party for one another whilst getting to know each other. Usually this program is full of 'banter' as to which it is now. WHY DO FEMALES CAUSE BANTER. WHY? 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Return

Hola Amigos, I have returned! Not like I left or anything, but still, I have returned. I have recently discovered my inner, happier self which has led onto me being a lot happier, (obviously).

I also discovered what it feels to star gaze with the most perfect human being on this planet. The feeling is simply perfect. Everything about it was just simply perfect!! *Blushies* - A new term to add to the series of other terms in the 'Denby Dictionary'. The definition of the term 'blushies' is the same definition as to 'blush' but with added emphasis for humorical reasons.

I am also still debating whether to create a YouTube channel to which I can upload random videos based upon me and my highly random lifestyle. I don't know but it would keep me entertained for a while and I love editing and messing around with videos, it is something I have always loved doing!

I apologize for such a short post but it has taken me an hour to get this far due to interruptions being chores. Urgh. I have also been messing around with the one and only Photoshop. As much as I cannot use the bloomin' software, I still love using it! I might have a mess around with it later on.

I apologize for this post being rather short. It has taken me 3 hours to write. Why? Because of chores. Urgh. This has been the second most stressful day of my life. Usually I can handle stress but not today.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

No title Needed

So, after today I have officially decided that I am world's number one failure in life. I cannot do anything right and I slowly want to disappear. Not good. I literally cannot do anything right. Everyone wants to impress their parents and that is what I want to do! But that isn't going to happen if I am going to keep on acting the way I am.

Education is my main priority now, (asides from the boyf), as once I have got my education over and done with than I can then focus on what I want to do with the rest of my life, (I think).

At this moment in time I honestly have no idea to what I want to do with myself. I don't know what I am good at. The only hobbies I like is writing, reading and taking really bad photos on a really bad camera. I need help and a serious amount of guidance.

I also need to stop having this obsession with my handwriting. I have to have the perfect handwriting and it is driving me up the wall. My writing has to be neat and URGH WHY CAN'T I BE NORMAL.


That is it. I am sorting my life out once and for all, starting with an education. I am going to work so hard to be good at something, I don't know what, but I will find something. I have been considering on producing my own YouTube channel, (a better one), and on that channel just help other people because that is something I really enjoy. I want to make videos with humor and joy so that I can cheer people up and make people smile and laugh. That is the only thing I want to do with my life...but it is an unrealistic dream according to society and the world of education. Still, I will sort my life out! 

I promise.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Sequel

What's not better than to have my 60th post all about 'Him'. In other words, a sequel to one of my earlier posts.

Love is strong component in a relationship but I believe companionship and happiness is two components which conclude the definition of what a relationship actually is and are also the components to a happy relationship.

He came into my life 151 days ago today. 151 days ago, I didn't know we would develop a bond stronger than any other bond between two people.

Asides from being my boyfriend, he is my best friend.

To be able to tell each other anything and everything makes me so happy.

 The fact he never fails to cheer me up simply makes me happy.

 The way he smiles makes me smile.

His hair, probably more wilder than mine which makes it perfect...which also participates in many reasons to why he is simply perfect.

We have had so many memories together in the space of 151 days and just knowing that there are going to be so many more makes me the luckiest girl alive and also the happiest.

A simple hug between each other is the best and are also the ones I love.

I love him okay? That's why this sloppy post has been uploaded to the internet so I can express my love for him to YOU and even to him, himself. Now that was confusing to write,


I am a chubby lazy potato.

Yes, the title sums it up. Basically, I have evolved into a chubby lazy potato who needs help! I need to lose weight, become more motivated and become intelligent. I WILL ACCOMPLISH EACH OF THESE GOALS!!! I hate summer holidays. I become the same old potato each year. NOT GOOD!

Anywho, I went swimming today with the sibling and I have to say, it was pretty fun. Stressful as I discovered that I cannot teach anyone how to swim. Why? Because it is a HUGE contradiction as myself cannot swim so how am I supposed to teach another individual, like myself, to swim? It just does not work.

3 weeks today until I reunite with the one and Frankly, I cannot wait. (Still cannot believe I just said that).

I have no clue what to write about, I apologize. Actually, you know what...le Facebook app. I recently re-downloaded and updated the Facebook app. Now, since I have downloaded/updated this app, my phone battery drops massive amounts. Now this...UPSETS ME! Nothing has drained my phone battery as much as this stupid app has. URGH!

Tomorrow, asides from tidying my room and seeing le boyf', I am going to read I book to which I happen to own but not yet have read. I have 'Beautiful Creatures' which is supposed to be really good book, so, I might just read it after a year of owning it and leaving it unread.

Monday, 17 August 2015


Currently, I am awaiting my Provisional Driving Lesson which then allows me to actually drive a car. Okay, it will allow me to get driving lessons for me to drive my own car but still. I keep seeing people I know posting images of their spanking new car and I get so jealous because no one knows how much I want to drive. I have been waiting to drive ever since I knew what a car was. (Slight exaggeration).

In other news, I have approximately 3 weeks until I go back to college. I can't wait. (I can't believe I said that). But yes, I cannot wait to get back to college and start studying again. I can't wait to have a fresh start! Although, I will miss the summer holidays, but I don't care because Autumn is just around the corner meaning I can finally dig out my scarf collection along with my hat collection and annoy the whole of the world with my conversation starters, (my scarfs and hat).

I apologize for my rambling, I am in a talking mood but at this moment in time, I have no one to verbally communicate with. *Audience comes out with a simultaneous 'Aww'*

I need to get a job. I have been trying but no success.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I have too many profiles on too many social media sties. It is terrible. I would happily just have one social media account but no, for other peoples sake I have 10 million social media accounts, (slightly dramatic on the figures there). 

I also have too many headaches. Abnormal amount of headaches is what I suffer with. (To those spoons, that is not a legit diagnosis). 

I need help. 

I am too tired. 


I shall write something more readable and interesting once my headache goes on its vacation!

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Vegan Life and Animal Cruelty

Currently I am watching a documentary about Vegan and I think it is called 'Vegucated'. This documentary is based upon a Vegan who tries to teach 3 different yet ordinary people about the vegan lifestyle. Now, this documentary has seriously got to me. I hate animal cruelty and as I have just witnessed a scene based upon animal slaughter and cruelty, it has made me rather emotional. Seeing a pig so poorly treated makes me so upset and then realizing I have eaten that creature. KILLS ME! It upsets me but you have to think to yourself, it is nature. You need food the same way every animal does. It is just a vicious life cycle.

It made me think a lot about nutrition and what not because my diet was so poor and realizing I wasn't receiving decent nutrition and what not, it kills me. So, I have turned to a healthy lifestyle with healthy food. I now eat loads of vegetables and fruit along with a healthy dinner, (or supper, I get confused to what some people may call it). I feel a lot better in myself! Fizzy drinks and drinks similar to those are out of my diet along with any form of 'junk' food and sweet, processed food.

I also feel a lot smarter and my use of larger words is increasing. That may sound really stupid, but seriously, I do. (Don't judge me, I was born an idiot).

Next step: More exercise! I can't wait to get back to college because summer holidays make me feel lazy, crazy and INSANE! Why? because half the time I am stuck at home, I love getting out the house and exercise but in the summer holidays, it is hard to do that for a series of reasons.


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Well Then.

I finally created a really bad video with le camera. By using really old Yorkshire postcards to which I found, I used my head and create a random video. Took me a while and was rather mind numbing, probably why I enjoyed doing it!

It is only a simple video and I am hoping to expand my interest in creating these random videos and form better ones to which more people will enjoy and find interesting and mainly more videos to which I enjoy making.

I have uploaded the video to my really bad YouTube channel:

If you would spare a minute of your time to watch it, I would much appreciate it. Give me some feedback. Whether it is criticism or not, help me out and provide motivational help:)

Thank you amigo's.

*Denby Salute*

I hate my body. A lot of people of body issues, especially when you are a teenager and you are going through puberty, etc. But, my weight issue is pretty bad. All I think about everyday is my weight. I have decided to eat 'clean' and healthy. In these past two days I have had healthy food and no processed food and no sweets and junk basically. I feel so much energetic and happier with myself. I seriously hope I can keep this up because I feel so healthy and great.

Asides from weight issues, I am currently in the process of deciding what to do with my wall decor. I like to decorate one wall with random stuff which mean a lot to me, I just can't decide on what design I feel like doing on my wall. I hate decisions as many people may know that about me. I can't stand them. But, I have to learn to cope with them because I guess now my life is about making decisions.

Speaking of decisions, I need to quickly decide what I want to do for the future because I am 17 now and I need to decide what I want to do with my life. What career I want to go down. It is so difficult to decide! I want to be a midwife but then I think to myself; do I want to do that for the rest of my life? I want to spend my life doing something I enjoy doing.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Love is an amazing thing. You will not know what love is until you have fully discovered it. I have to admit, I am one of those lucky individual's who have discovered this thing called love. It is quite frankly, amazing. Knowing someone is there for you every single day is the best feeling in the world. The fact you can return that feeling is even better! I am a lucky person. The most luckiest person in the world, no exaggeration.

Speaking of the world. I want to explore it. I want to explore the entire world along with a vast majority of different cultures and cities. Yes, a lot of people want to do the exact same thing, but I mean it. I want to write about Paris and it's beauty or Rome and it's history. To me, that would mean everything. I love taking pictures of perfect moments at perfect times. Taking photographs of the Northern Lights? Now that my friend, would be amazing.

Also, everyone in this world all has specific words to which they will never be able to spell correctly, ever. As much as you can try, you still can never spell the word correctly. I still can't spell 'approximately' correctly, as much as I try to learn how to spell it...I can't. I WILL ONE DAY!!!


You know what is a nightmare for me? FORGETTING EVERYTHING! I am amazingly amazing at remembering everything from years ago but when it comes to remembering when I have last written a blog post or when I last remembered to fill the dog bowl is impossible. But that is my new year's remember more. (New Year for me is September as this is the beginning of a new school year and a new school year is more important than an actual new year). Yes, I am a strange person.

I also have an issue with 'normal' and 'average'. I was called 'average' earlier. Now, that offended me...a lot. Why? Because someone labelled me for starters and secondly that label is something I don't want to be. how would you like if someone came up to you and called you 'average'. It isn't nice. I don't want to be categorized into a category formed by society and society's reflection on things. LIKE WHAT?!?!

I have also decided that I am going to create a port folio of my own photography. Whether it is going to be an online port folio or a physical, paper port folio, I have not decided. I also discovered my own interest in medical science. I am currently learning about water in the body and how 60% of our body weight is made up of water. A 60kg individual will have approximately 36 liters of water in their body. Now, to me, that is an interesting fact which I am going to spread to the world for no absolute reason but just to start an interesting conversation.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Considering what to do with yourself is a major part of everyday life. Waking up and having to consider getting up and getting ready is one main aspect. You see, when I wake up I intend to suggest to myself to exercise. However, sometimes my body is like ''. I seriously don't know where I am going here so I am going to quickly change the subject.

SKINS! I am addicted to it. For many of those who may not know what Skins is, well it is a British TV show based on the lives of series of teenagers. It is rather old and I have no clue whether the show is still going on, but, I am addicted to it. I finished season 1 yesterday, (bear in mind I started it yesterday), now I am on season 2...slightly addicted. It is now part of my daily recommendations so I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Asides from being addicted to an awesome TV show, I am considering, (lol), on buying a book. A random book. Preferably a book which is in a trilogy so I can get hooked on the book then finish it but carry on reading the rest in the trilogy, (I don't think that makes sense but ah well).

Also, you know what is the most painful thing; getting your new piercing stuck on a item of clothing causing it to 'stick' and then tug as you try to remove or put on the item of clothing. Now, that is very painful. The shooting of pain causes me to have a mini twitching session unintentionally then causing me to look rather odd. But, I have to admit, it does make me look rather funny therefore I laugh the pain off. Again, I have no clue what I am talking about.

Friday, 7 August 2015


I use to live my life arguing any chance I got and getting into verbal yet abusive fights. I use to live my life basically bitching about people so hard I hated them with all my guts. But no I realize, whats the point? If you hate someone, so be it. But you have to think to yourself, why do you hate them?
But, I have to admit, I hate it when people bitch about me for no reason at all and then start to make up lies about me. It is horrible. If you don't like me, cool. The best thing is when someone hates you but still stalk you on every social media site you have just because they hate you. I love it.

Basically, live a life with peace and all that jazz, ( - Chicago Reference). There is no point arguing with everyone in sight and there is also no point having so much hatred for someone you barely know. PREACH.

Anyway, I love moths. I use to loathe them so much because they fly around every where but since there is a moth in my direct vision, they are beautiful insects, (I think). I am calling this moth Fredrick. Fredrick is my new pet and I will make sure he is stuck in my room forever. (Too far Sammy, too far).

Asides from my little rant, I hope you have/had a good day!

Thursday, 6 August 2015



I can finally learn to drive. I finally got my cartilage piercing. I finally turned 17. FINALLLLLLLYYYYYY.

Today has been a good day so far, I don't often like birthdays, but, I like this one. The best part is, it isn't over yet. Eeeeeeeek. I don't know what to say, I am literally speechless due to my high amount of happiness. My mother got me a lovely necklace and I actually bought a dress. (I think I got forced into it). Currently, I am dressed all girly and awaiting the next part of my day; seeing le boyf. I can't wait! What makes everything better is the fact I have The Killers playing whilst I await the next adventure of the day. I am just too happy. Way too happy.

I actually love writing on this blog, it cheers me up a lot and allows me to express a ton of rubbish which then makes me even more happier. That doesn't make sense, but I am too flipping happy.

Anyway, I must scadoodle, (new word edition to the 'Denby Dictionary).


Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I keep losing track of the days. I went to go on Blogger ready to write some more interesting stuff and then just realized that I haven't wrote anything since the 3rd of August. I apologize amigos'. I didn't realize it was the 5th today and I also keep forgetting that it is my birthday tomorrow.

I need to sort my life out. I don't know what I am doing in life. I need some form of guidance or something. Like, I just don't know what I want to do. Writing on this blog is the only thing which is keeping me sane. I want to lose weight and when I try to I feel so good but then I get days were I just can't be bothered. I am waiting for the day were I am going to realize what I am doing with myself then I am going to aim for it. But at the moment, that is not happening. URGH. I will get there, eventually.

My music taste hasn't returned from it's vacation. It's killing me. I found my earphones though so that should give me some encouragement to engage with my music taste. Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday and FINALLY I AM GOING TO BE 17. FINALLY I CAN DRIVE. YEY. I am hoping to get my cartilage piercing tomorrow, (a piercing located at the top of the ear). I can't wait, I was supposed to get it last year along with my normal ear piercings but that did not happen, but it will this year!

URGH, just looking around my room disgusts me. It is a mess and I am a mess. I hate being ill. Having a headache is not good. Especially when you don't take anything for them. URGH.


Someone please cheer me up. PLEASE.

(Sorry for being depressed today, headaches and me are not a good all).

Monday, 3 August 2015

I have currently been addicted to three things; strawberries, and cups of tea. Odd combination, yes, I know. But good combination? YES!

Strawberries are absolutely amazing, they are a form of fruit, therefore being really healthy and are extremely low in calories. Yesterday I discovered that 100g of strawberries have only 30 calories. That makes me extremely happy. Although they are loaded with sugar, they are still beautifully delicious in every way possible. 

Tea is also very delicious. I can drink tea for days on end, (which I do...). I don't have sugar in my tea, just a couple of sweeteners to add to the extreme milkyness of my tea. I am weird, but tea is my secret obsession but I don't actually like doesn't make any sense. 

Now, is an online game I only discovered just over 24 hours ago. I was browsing YouTube and I thought about watching PewDiePie. (For those who do not know this person....URHRUHOAFSHFOAUFHUOHSAOHFUASOHF). Anyway, PewDiePie was playing the game, It looked rather simple and boring, however, it also looked really fun. So, what do I do? Get the mobile app version of this game and play it for myself. I was hooked on this game for a good 15 minutes until I had to get dressed. A while later I played the online, PC version of the game. Now I may be slightly addicted. However, I have just closed the game to write about the game on this blog, for you, because I am nice like that and I wanted to bore you. 

Anyway, 3 days until I am officially 17. frankly, I cannot wait. But, I have no clue whether it is 3 days or 2 days? If my birthday is on the 6th and today is the 3rd, it would then make it 3 days, however, what if you don't classify the 6th as being a day as it is already the day you have been waiting for? IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE, I DON'T GET IT?!? I shall ask Google because that is literally all I do, ASK GOOGLE.

Saturday, 1 August 2015


My music taste has gone and it has rather upset me. Why? Because music is my life, or was my life. Now I listen to my 'favorite' bands and they don't interest me. Now that, is upsetting. Really upsetting. I seriously hope this is another 'Sammy Phase' because quite frankly, I cannot cope without music yet I can't listen to it. IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE, LIKE WTF.


I also rather dislike needing to tidy my room but not tidying it. I need to tidy it and sort out all of my clothes and move it all around, but I just can't get myself to doing it. I moved my amazing, single bed to the window thinking that is was a good idea...HA, no. All I can hear on an evening is people walking by and cars zooming on by. Oh and when a bus comes by....IT SHAKES TO WINDOW. So I need to move it back to it's original spot which is next to one of my many hipster walls, that way I might be able to get some sleep.

I watched As Above So Below earlier. I have to say..IT WAS AMAZING. I loved it! I love horror/thriller films, they are so good! Although, I do spend half my time ranting and raving about how bad the actors are or how badly it has been filmed...but still, I love them. They are definitely my favorite movie genre thingy ma jiggy.

By the way, HAPPY 1ST OF AUGUST!! It is finally August. I like August even though it is already raining, I still love it! My birthday is also getting closer which excites me a lot purely because I finally get to turn 17...FINALLY.