Friday, 31 July 2015

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

I turned le laptop on to write a new post and to my surprise, I hit a milestone!:D

Milestone - a significant stage or event in the development of something. (Just for those who may not know what a milestone is).

 Basically, I never thought I would ever reach many pageviews. But I just found out that I have reached 1,000. To many people 1,000 pageviews may be nothing but to me, it means a lot! For people to take interest in what I write makes me really happy as the majority of stuff I write is pretty bad. So yes, I am a happy Sammy right now with an invisible cheesy grin on her face.

 Asides from reaching a milestone, I am currently in the process of creating a short, stop motion animation. To my surprise it is turning out okay, not brilliant, but okay. I am hoping to finish it my Sunday, (as its only a short one). I hope y'all like it. (I am not western). 

I just discovered that you can change the font on here. Wow. I am blind but not that blind. *round of applause* (Clarification: I am half blind, I can't see properly out my right eye causing my overall vision to be bad, praise the Lord for spectacles). 

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Sometimes, I feel as if no one likes me. I feel like they put up with me because they have too. Now, that is a horrible feeling. Yes, I have amazing friends and an amazing boyfriend who I can't exaggerate how amazing he is! But, I still feel abandoned in an odd way. I can't really describe to a standard in which you may relate, but yeah. It's weird. (The internet caused this).

Anyway, asides from being majorly ill, Denby is up and running and is currently really happy, (believe it or not). I can't even remember the last time I woke up happy, at home that is. When I am out and about I am usually pretty happy but when I am at home doing fudge all, I am usually down in the dumps. As much as I can admire the summer holidays for allowing me to do nothing for 6 weeks, it upsets me a bit because I feel like I don't have a purpose. I don't think this post has a purpose if I am honest...

I honestly don't know what I am on about today, I am too happy to care. Although, I am pretty sad because my laptop won't let me on Tumblr. I like browsing the humorical side to Tumblr, it often gets me in stitches but NOOOOOOOOOO, stupid 3 year old laptop won't allow me to laugh. Speaking of years, I am finally going to be 17 years old a week today. This therefore means I have to change my age on every social media I happen to have. Yay, fun. Yay, sarcasm. The one thing I can't wait for though, is to finally be able to drive a car. I seriously cannot wait, I am so excited to hop in a car and driveeeeeeeee. I want to drive across the country and go on road trips with le boyfriend and friends. It is actually going to be amazing. But, I need to be 17...and learn how to drive obviously.

I apologize for this post because I seriously have no idea what the purpose or interesting aspect is at all. I really don't. I hope you have a great day/evening/morning/whenever you are currently reading this. I was thinking about talking to a few of my 'anonymous' fellow readers. It would be interesting to know about YOU because currently, writing about myself and my experiences does get a wee bit boring for me and probably you. Therefore, you should add me on Snapchat: samdenby016
I think that is my name on it. If not try: thatdenbykid
I am awful with choosing my may tell.

Anywho, adios my fellow amigos:)
*Denby Salute*

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Seriously. Stop.

Okay, this is a sensitive topic, not just for myself but for many others hence why I am providing you with this warning. If you hate stupid little things which can trigger horrible situations than please, leave now and come back tomorrow.

The internet is one great place. Sometimes. However, it is also a place in which communities form and provide all sorts of random, unnecessary stuff to feed the apatite's of their hungry consumers. You may be a bit confused to what I am on about. Well, that is why I am going to show you.
The internet is full of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. Each social media site has their own target audience along with its own purpose. Facebook, personally, is for family, friends and is often full of individuals causing arguments, moaning about people or individuals creating 'funny' videos, images, etc. Twitter is similar to Facebook, however, you are limited to what is said and I believe twitter is more celebrity based, like Instagram. Majority of people will check Twitter to see what feud is going on now between two celebrities, or a group if you're lucky.
Now, I move onto Tumblr and Instagram. There may be a dark side to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook but I have not witnessed them so Tumblr and Instagram are the only social media sites I have witnessed to have a dark, depressing side. Instagram is based upon photographs, 'selfies' and random pictures. Some users will use Instagram for it's intensive purpose, however, others use it in a diffferent kind of way. When my lovely Grandad past away, I was rather upset, overwhelmed and that is when I believe to when my depression started. I was one day browsing Instagram as you do, but then I came across an odd looking account on the 'Explore' section. This account was dark and full of horrible images saying stuff along the lines of 'can't do this anymore' or 'I give up'. These images are quite frankly indescribable from my point of view, but majority of my readers should be able to get what I mean.
Tumblr is exactly like Instagram. It is also full of these depressing images and since it is Tumblr, it is also full of 'GIFs'. As much as I love Tumblr, the dark side to it seriously upsets me and causes a lot of triggering issues.

 These images are just two of the ones which I picked up on Tumblr. They may not seem much but trust me, there was far worse which I refused to save. Now, these images upset me. Why? Because to a lot of people it is true and relate able. However, they can also trigger a lot of serious situations such as self harm. People like yourself may see images of self harm and others undergoing it, this doesn't mean it is okay for you to do! Yes, there may be other people like yourself, feeling the same way you do! But it doesn't mean you can copy them. They need help the same way you may need help! If you selfharm and have depression etc. Please, talk to someone who you know will help. Parents are the best but also the hardest to talk to because you never know what to expect if you tell them. If you have a seriously close friend, talk to them. Listen to what they would recommend for you. Just please, don't listen to the 'dark side' of the internet. It isn't good for you.

I apologize for such an upsetting kind of blog post today. I needed to make an attempt to get my point across and I hope I did in some way or form. Seeing upsetting posts on the internet makes me want to breakdown and cry. This is because all these posts are the reason to why I did a series of stupid things and I know it is the same for many others and just knowing it is triggering horrible stuff for other, vulnerable people, it kills me.

I also sincerely apologize for grammar errors, spelling errors and so on but I don't care as long as my point is put across to you, as my fellow reader. I hope you have a good day and here is a picture to keep you going:

Friday, 24 July 2015

p h o t o g r a p h y

New Summer Goal for Denby:

GET AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Glasses, Laziness, Foreign Frosties.

To begin with, glasses are really good...why? Because they allow my stupid eyes to have the capability to once again, see the world. However, the really big downside of glasses are the fact they are always in the way. You can't wear them if it is raining because they get wet and you can't see. I have a small head meaning they always fall down my face, bear in mind they are measured for my head... Also, every time I lay down, (which is quite a lot because I am a tired person), they also move upwards and cause a pressured feeling to one side of my head therefore causing pain...not good. I point is you may ask? Well, I have no point, I just wanted to rant to someone about my glasses hoping that someone may relate to my problems and then begin a conversation with me because that is how the vast majority of my conversations begin with, me complaining about something.

Asides from my 'annoying' glasses, I am developing something called laziness. I have never had one nights sleep where I have slept through the entire night without waking up. I have also never slept in to late hours in the morning or, if you're a normal teenager, late hours of the afternoon. I just never have. However, this past week has caused me to stay up seriously late and wake up very late. (When I say late I mean 8am). I am an odd child. I do wish I was 'normal' sometimes but then I have to realize that there is no such thing as 'normal'. 'Normal' is just another label in which you and I will use to describe the most ludicrous of stuff.

The final chapter of today's 'interesting' story/rant/whatever it is, involves Foreign Frosties. What am I on about you may ask? I shall tell you. To those who may not know what 'Frosties' are, Frosties are cereal, basically Cornflakes but loaded with high amounts of sugar. (If you do not know what Cornflakes are, or if you don't know what cereal is altogether, you might as well just stop reading here and go do some intense researching).
 Anyway, Frosties look a bit like this:
I went into Heron Foods, (mini supermarket), and went in to purchase some more Cornflakes. However, there was no Cornflakes to be seen. So, I had to look for a substitute to have instead of my heavenly Cornflakes. Then I came across Frosties. There were the closest I could find to Cornflakes, so I went to grab one and purchase it. But, when I went to grab the box of Frosties, I noticed there were two versions. One was £1.50 and the other was £2. But, what baffled me was that they both weighed 500g and the box size was exactly the same. I then spent a good 3 minutes with my younger sibling playing 'Spot the Difference' between the two boxes. Then I realized the cheaper box was a foreign box. So, what did Denby do? Purchase the foreign box. The writing intrigued me and looked rather pretty even know I have no clue what it says. 

So yes, that is my 'interesting' blog post which I promised you. To me it's pretty boring and to you it will probably be seriously boring, but you will still somehow read it. Therefore, making it interesting in an odd, 'Denby', way. I don't know what I am rambling on about now so I am going to take a swift exit until tomorrow where I shall once again, write another 'interesting' thing. 

Adios Amigos:)

Monday, 20 July 2015


So, I woke up this morning thinking: 'I'll write my blog early today so I can make it interesting'. Did I? No. I forgot. I was too busy being occupied by increasing my step count on my pedometer. I have a secret obsession with my pedometer, (not really a secret anymore). I have to get a set amount of steps a day. On busy days my goal will be 20,000 steps and on normal, average, boring days my goal will be a minimum of 10,000 but I prefer to reach a minimum of 15,000. Odd, I know, but that is me for you. I am an odd character.
Anyway, today has been an average day I think. I walked quite a lot today and went on a series of mini bike adventures. I biked to Keyingham today which was rather fun. Once I have music in and I am on my bike, I am on a roll and will get carried away and speed off. However, on the way back the wind was blowing straight in my direction. I twas not happy!
Also, I have decided I need to update my music taste. Usually, I will browse YouTube for hours until I come across a really random band and then fall in love with them. But, I haven't done that for a while. So, I have currently been addicted to Catfish and The Bottlemen along with The 1975. Great combination and I highly recommend both of these bands to any of you 'indie' or 'alternative' music lovers. *Thumbs Up Emoji Here*
I seriously want to write loads and loads about my random experiences and complain about something really random, but once again, I am tired because I forgot to write something rather interesting earlier on. Urghhhhhh, I will write something long and interesting one day. One day this week.

Anyway, adios amigos!
*Denby Salute*

Sunday, 19 July 2015

too sleepy. cannot think.

This is the exact reason to why I should never write a post late at night. My head is too drowsy and sleepy to think of anything interesting, (not like anything of my writing is interesting, but still). Anywhooooooo, I like summer holidays very much. BUT IT IS ONLY THE SECOND DAY AND I FEEL CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Boredom isn't the correct term to describe me right now. It's really bad. However, minecraft is back on the 'Denby Schedule'. I love it. I have also missed it a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

(I apologize for the high amount of caps lock. I'm tired).

Tomorrow, if I remember, I shall write an interesting blog post for all of my fellow readers, like yourself! I shall make a high attempt to make it rather interesting because I have recently noticed how my posts are lacking the 'Denby Quality', which, to me, is HUMOURRRR. <--- Again, I apologize for the caps lock.

I really want to write and write but my head is currently dead and sleepy. So, goodnight my fellow amigos!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Summer Has ARRIVED

Finally, the summer holidays are here and my extraordinary adventures can finally begin! You don't know how excited this makes me feel, (well you will once you've finished reading this). Although I hate the sun and heat, I do love the holidays! Six whole weeks of fudge all! Just writing about it makes me so happy! Even though I have misplaced my glasses and I can barely see much, I am still extremely happy! I am also very happy because I am finally losing weight. After battling through my war with food, I have finally begun my weight loss journey!

Asides from losing weight along with my glasses,  I have once again fallen again with ye olde bands. Catfish and the Bottlemen are one of them. You know when you get addicted to a song and you play it on repeat until you get sick of it? Well, that is what I am currently doing with Catfish and the Bottlemen, however, it is their full album I have on repeat. I haven't got sick of them...yet. Which is a surprise for me as I usually get pretty sick of artists after a while then I fall in love with them again after a month or so of not listening to them.

I would seriously love to carry out writing a huge essay, but, not being able to see what I am typing is really horrible, I am just hoping this all makes sense to you! Before I leave to go on a significant journey to find my spectacles, my main goal for this summer holidays is too write something everyday, (on here obviously). Since I have a bit of time to myself, I am now capable to spend more time on here! Which is absolutely great! I have no idea what on earth I shall be writing but I can guarantee you that my 'magical' head will think of something absolutely rubbish and boring but you still happen to read.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I apologize for the really bad posts recently. I promise you that I will be back up and running in no time, when I say no time I really mean in three days. Because, in three days time...THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS WILL FINALLY BE HERE!!! I have waited so long for the summer holidays. I usually hate the summer, but now I seriously cannot wait to literally do nothing for 6 weeks. Okay, I won't be doing nothing for 6 weeks as I will be spending it with le boyf and le brother and le gym as I am going to finally get slim and fit! Determined. *Muscular Arm Emoji Here* 
This summer I am also going to look for a pen pal again. I miss my pen pal. I love having a pen pal. You learn so much about them without actually meeting them and you also learn a lot about the way in which they live and what they do. It is rather interesting. 
I am also going to go on many adventures with le bicycle. When I say adventures, I seriously do mean adventures! 20 mile bike journeys are going to be put into place. I am even going to document one of them..(purely for your entertainment). 
I shall also be 17 in the summer holidays which I can't wait for. I don't know why, I just can't wait to be 17. I usually despise birthdays but I am pretty excited for this one! 
I would ramble on but Denby has to vamoosh' to Narnia to visit a lion...(I think his name is Aslan...not too sure). 

Adios Amigos! 
*Denby Salute* 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Denby's Bread Shop.

I have finally decided what my future plan is. I am opening a bread shop in France. It is going to happen no matter what! I still have to think it all through, but I am determined that my crazy idea will become a realistic one. I wonder why some may think I am mad/crazy/weird, etc. But not I know why because I have ludicrious ideas like this. 
Now, I am still deciding on a name for my bread shop. It will be something related with 'Denby' obviously. I'd probably call it 'Le Denby Bread' or 'Denby Le Bread'. 

Just to clarify, I am not trying to be stereotypical to French people! Just saying. Don't judge mehhh. Plz....

Monday, 6 July 2015

Denby Discovers.

At this fine, late, hour of the day. I discovered something. I discovered that my waterproof watch is actually waterproof. This may sound idiotic to some but due to my previous discoveries with waterproof watches, I always doubted the fact that watches stated 'waterproof' are not actually waterproof and are in fact..a phony. 
Anywho, I had my watch on my left you do but then, as I was stripping to get into my late hour shower...I forgot about my watch. (Yes, I shower naked...). I jumped in the warm shower and too my surprise, I saw my watch still on my wrist. I quickly undid the devil strap to my watch and threw it across the bathroom. The watch was covered in water from the shower and due to the fact I threw it across the bathroom, I instantly knew it wasn't going to function the same way it did. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It still worked. 
The watch.

Now this my friend, is one amazing discovery. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Nature's Beauty - By Denby and her Camera.

'Holy Nature' 

'Green Water'
'Daisy Focus' 
'Lethal Environment' 

'The Alternative Angle'

Being Noticed.

In this day and age all people want to do is become popular. Majority of people want to follow the crowd and blend and most of all, be noticed. But, how can you be noticed when you are blending in with a crowd. How can you be noticed if you are a sheep. When I say a sheep, I mean those who copy what others wear and those who act like others do. Basically, those who are not original.
I live a life which involves wearing what I want. Not dressing to impress others but to impress myself, (well, I intend to dress comfortably and only smart when I need to). I act in way in which I feel comfortable acting. Sometimes I am quiet and sometimes I am not. This all depends on the mood and what sort of day it happens to be.
Anyway, back to the point. If you want to get noticed in this day and age, people will create videos of them jumping off stuff or pulling public pranks on people. Some people will get noticed by doing something which is news worthy. I always use to want to get noticed. I guess I still do. But, not as much. The only way in which I want to get noticed is if I have done something good/amazing or heroic. Not by public humiliation or anything similar to this sort. I want to do good to world. I want to help others reach their goals and help others in a nursing nature. (Denby gets deep).

I don't know what I am talking about today, (obviously I do...shhh). I promise you my posts will get more interesting, but, for the time being. I hope you enjoy.

Adios Amigos
  - *Denby Salute*

Friday, 3 July 2015


Today's achievements involve cycling a 16 mile bike ride without dying, (it was a holy miracle). Another achievement involved having a few of my photographs being displayed in my schools Art Exhibition. This generally meant the world to me. Having my own photographs being put up on show made me one of the many happy people on this planet. Although it was only a few of my own photographs, it meant a lot to me. What made me an even happier citizen was the fact I witnessed people stopping and actually taking a look at my photographs. To see people stand and appreciate what I have taken, was heart warming and a very special moment. Even though I had no one to share that moment with, it still meant a lot to me.

Anyway, I manged to remember to take my holy camera with me on my bike journey. Due to my remembrance, I managed to take some interesting photos of a place called: Stoney Creek. The place overall was pretty boring and dull, however, it portrayed some features which are rather beautiful.
I really wanted to upload a series of photos to allow you, as my fellow reader, to understand what I mean by beautiful. But, sadly, when uploading photographs straight from a camera it consumers a rather large amount of time. So, here is a photograph which, as you can see, shows a series of boats casually floating themselves across a lake/thing. Interesting sight, I know. But, you have to look at the beauty of the sky and the angle in which the sun is shining to understand it's true beauty.

I really wanted to upload a series of photographs but due to the current time, I cannot as I will end up falling asleep and that will not be good. So, my fellow reader, I shall have to leave you here until tomorrow where I shall update you on what an amazing day I have had, (or not).

I also want to quickly apologize about my overuse of commas. Commas, for me, are a way of slowing my text down. I speak to fast verbally and in person, but, non-verbally, (i.e, this blog), I intend to slow down my speech by using the fascinating thing known as le comma.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Long Time No See.

This past month has been the most busiest month of my life and this current month is quite frankly going to be worst. Yay me. Denby has a list of things to do and a list of things to see. But I am back and I am determined to write a little something everyday despise how short/long/boring/interesting it may be.
Although my life has been pretty chaotic at the moment I have been trying to get fit. My eating is a lot better and I am beginging to consume the correct form of liquids, (for example, I have been consuming better amounts of fine H2O instead of the deadly Monster Energy Drinks).

Swiftly moving on. Summer is slowly creeping its way up and my goals for summer are to get fit and healthy along with read as many books as I possibly can along with get as many photographs as I possibly can. My goal is too take 250 amazing photographs in many different, epic, locations. I shall achieve this goal don't you worry. I haven't been able to take any photo's in a while thanks to my busy life schedule. (Next blog post: Denby's Lyfe Schedule).

I also have a new life goal which is too develop and publish a book in which I would like to call:
'The Denby Dictionary'
You see, this book, or shall I say Dictionary, is going to be a series of my own, personal, words along with their ludicrous definitions. I shall give you a small insight right now. 

                                 (Adjective, (I think)). 
                                     - A combination of the terms: 'Spud' and 'Amigo'. The combination of words                                           create one individual word meaning friendship lover. Word used to describe                                         your lover as also your best friend. 
                                        For example: "I love you" 
                                                               "I love you're my...Spudigo". 

Basically the book will have a series of strange words with Denby's own, personal, definition. 
Anyway, I must leave you at this point. But, don't worry, I shall be back very shortly! I apologize for my swift exit a month ago but I hope I have created a swift entrance by writing this post. 
Hope you enjoyed this confusing, random, piece of mine. 

Adios Amigo's.