Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Okay, so I am apparently have no consistency what so ever. Especially when it comes to writing blog posts on a regular basis. I always write a blog post expressing how much I am going to write something everyday but I never do but hey ho, what is the flow? (Don't ask me what that even means).

Life has been rather odd lately. Ups and downs and many round-a-bouts. To begin with: I have a crazy driving instructor. He raises his voice quite and lot and insists on murdering me. For example, earlier today I was heading towards a round-a-bout. You are always supposed to give way to the oncoming traffic from the right. So I did. My driving instructor was insisting that I go but I did not want to die, therefore I didn't go. (There was a silver corsa heading over). My driving instructor told me to then speed up whilst turning into a really tight road. So yes. I have come to the conclusion that he is trying to murder me! YAY!

Secondly: I decided to get a full fringe.
Mind the wonderful reflection within my glasses but wallah. Me with a full fringe. (I aimed for it to be messy so don't judge me please). I don't know why but I really wanted a fringe because I always have my hair up and I thought it would look nice so I had a 'yolo' moment and went for it. Boom. Majority of people are telling me that it suites me but you never know with people. 

Thirdly: College is killing me. No further comment is needed.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

yOu CoMe FiRsT

I have come to the conclusion that all boys and men are strange. Especially when it comes to understanding them. I, myself, is the worst for understanding. I don't understand the stupid little things in life and I am starting to think that I probably should.

Basically, never mess a boy around. They also have feelings, (believe it or not). That is what I have done recently and trust me, it is not a good thing. Messing with his feelings was the worst mistake i have ever done because you don't realise what you have until you lose it. Long story short, I am an idiot. But it is all okay because I have finally come to my Sammy senses. I am one large nugget and I have no realised that.

Here is some advice, never listen to other people, always listen to yourself and yourself only. The only person who can change anything is you. You are the reason for why you eat everyday. You are the reason to why you go to bed at the time you do. You are the reason to why you decide to talk to someone. Everything is all down to you so don't let anyone change that for you! Always listen and take care of yourself. I always end up putting other people before myself and that is were I go wrong in life. By putting others before yourself on a regular basis you begin to feel really down yet happy at the same time. This is one contradiction which you will never understand unless you are one of those people pleasers.

You Come First! 

That is what I am going to start doing from now on, put myself first for once. It sounds very selfish to me but in reality it isn't. It is all about happiness and I believe the key to happiness is responsibility. Responsibility for yourself along with others. Please, always remember that!

On a slightly happier note, I finally have an amazing PC thanks to him. I have missed him so much and like I have said a couple dozen times, I finally came to my senses. I finally got my dream of a pc and my dream of a man bag and I honestly could not be happier right now. There are still parts of me which are depressing and sloppy but I guess everyone has those parts to them. Everyone.

Music is amazing. It is a mood changer. But, you know what isn't amazing, this noisy keyboard. It is very early hours in the morning and people are trying to sleep yet all you can hear is the clanking noise this keyboard is providing. It isn't like any normal keyboard, oh no, it is loud, qwerky but still pretty amazing. It does the job though.

Anyway, I better tuck myself back into bed before this keyboard wakes up the whole neighbourhood, Now, that would not be good. It could be rather funny on the upside. I hope everybody has a wonderful day/evening, whatever time of the day it might be! Thank you for reading!

*smiley Sammy face here* 

Hipster Queen

I love the term, 'organised'. It makes me feel happy and comfortable. I am unaware why but it just does. Anyway, I have become a hipster. Well, I am slowly developing into one and that is something i cannot deny. I don't know where it has come from but it has come and now I am feeling more swag than ever. I am going to devise a list:

8 Ways You Know You Are Becoming A Hipster Queen.

  1. Your dress sense is turning into lazy but still stylish. Basically, you're wearing baggy clothes with cool shoes and funky beanie hats. You're fashion sense has become funky with a side order of comfort. 
  2. Your music taste is becoming acoustic. Yes, I am correct with this reason because acoustic music is a hipsters music. What I mean by acoustic is a bit of Milky Chance along with a side order of George Ezra. If you haven't heard of either of these, well, you need too 
  3. Messy Hair. This is were your hair style begins to become messy in a stylish manner. For example, my hair style has evolved into a messy bun with strands of hair falling in front of my face. But it has become that bad that my hair will stay in a bun even though there is no hair tie. 
  4. Tea is your new best friend. You know that coffee shop I was on about in a earlier post, well yes, that place is my new best friend along with tea. I don't know why but the warmth of the tea and the coffee place just makes me happy and I am starting to call it my 'stress relief'. 
  5. The internet. I don't believe that I need to say any more but the internet is also your new best friend just like tea. Tumblr, Instragram. Blogs. They are all your best friends. 
  6. GLASSES. I guess this could be in my fashion category but I am adamant that glasses should have their own section because if you don't have glasses, you ain't no hipster queen. Unless you cannot wear glasses for some bizarre reason, like if you generally don't need glasses then it's okay, you can still be a hipster queen. 
  7. Hobbies. Your hobbies involve playing a guitar and writing on a blog in a coffee further comment is needed. 
  8. Taking Interesting Photos. You decide to use a wide range of filters when you upload your photos to instagram or tumblr. You may use Nashville on instagram or the simple black and white filter for Tumblr but no matter what you do, you still add a filter.
So there you have it. A very interesting list which I ironically developed on my laptop in a coffee shop. BOOM! My imagination is definitely cray cray. I love saying 'cray cray' at the minute. If you already didn't know, it means crazy but it sounds more groovy and funky and that is how I am feeling at the moment.

Also, I cannot remember whether or not I told you all that I left my previous glasses on a bus but I got two new pairs yesterday and it is so nice to be able to see again. It is wonderful. You truly don't understand how much you take your eyesight for granted until you are able to see once again. 

Although I love this coffee shop. I wish they could make scrambled eggs. Actually, that is what I am going to have for tea tonight, scrambled eggs. NOM NOM NOM! But, I am going to make the scrambled eggs crispy with a pinch of salt and a side order of toast. Hmmmmmmm.