Sunday, 23 July 2017

life backwards is efil

to whom this concerns: I have developed a very disgusting habit.

A habit that will haunt you.

I have been spelling words backwards intentionally and I just cannot stop.

Basically, since my last blog post I have been a series of awkward situations so in order to try and get myself out of them I have been purposely saying: *random word* backwards is *drow modnar*. It's a very odd habit I know but it has become addictive and I have been using it in every situation possible. It does get quite funny though.

Anyway, CATCH UP TIME WITH DENBY. Me and the boyfriend broke up after almost 3 years. Very heartbreaking but we have decided to stay friends as we both think it's best for each other? I think? We both made mistakes and we was both becoming upset over everything that has happened and it hurts. But that's life I suppose? But we are both trying to be happier people and I am very happy to say that he is very happy at the minute which makes me happy. Yes I miss him to pieces but again, life goes on. We had the best of memories and we are going to gain even better memories!

Also, in regards to my previous post. I went on to fail my first ever driving test. It was very disappointing but I only managed to get 2 faults. One being a minor fault and the other being a major fault. I managed the major fault during a crossword scenario and I was turning right. It was very confusing at the time but I don't mind. I have learnt from my mistake and my next test is in 3 days? I am so nervous because it has cost me a lot of money and I will really kick myself if I fail this one. After that test it has given me a confidence boost because I drove so well and I drove with so much confidence and I have learnt that confidence is KEY! If I could give a tip to those who are also learning to drive: TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCT. Don't be scared and be confident with every action. Never doubt yourself because that caused me to fail. VERY ANNOYING!

In good news though my birthday is two weeks today! I am going to be turning 19 which quite frankly is CRAZY! I am growing up so fast and as much as I like it...I am scared. I am scared of growing up in a way. I am just going to spend the next two weeks living life to it's full and just make myself happy and I am going to try SO hard to pass this next driving test!!

So much has happened in the space of a month, I left college, got a new job, broke up with the boyfriend, gained some new friends in a way and there is so much more to happen! One thing I just need to keep telling myself which is TO BE HAPPY and stop beating myself up over stupid things, it gets you nowhere! That advice I am giving to all of you too! No point in being sad and feeling sorry for yourself. JUST GET YOURSELF OUT THERE!

Anyway, I hope all of y'all have a good morning, day or evening! (Even if you are already having a shit day; just remember the sun will shine at some point).

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