Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Catchy title? Check! Nothing interesting to actually write about? Also check!

Anywho, I spent £2.99 today on something I have slightly become obsessed with. That is.....one of those wordsearch book things you see in shops right inbetween the impossible crossword books and the Sudoku books, (which are also impossible). I have loved wordsearch books ever since I was a young child and my mother bought me one. I was obsessed with that book. Anyway, that book took me years to do and I still never actually finished it. But I still loved it. But year, I got one today and I have so far completed 11 wordsearches. Slightly obsessed. (First stage of understanding you have an addiction is by addmitting you have an addiction).

AALLSSOO, I can't drive yet. I did pass my test but I haven't actually got my car which is starting to really upset me because I really wanna drive now. I got back to college next week..which...I am super excited about. But in the mean time I will have to get buses to college and if I don't get on as a child....that's £4 for a return. (But I might see if I can apply for a bursary which should hopefully cover that costs).

Like I said, I actually have nothing remotely interesting to write about today but I just really wanted to write something. (Also it is proving extreme difficulty to not spell the word 'write' as 'right'...I really can't wait to go back to college).

I am also dearly sorry to inform you that I don't have a 'PhOtO oF tHe DaY' today and that's because I haven't taken any photos. I HAVEN'T EVEN TAKEN ANY SELFIES! I really need to up my game which I will vow down to you guys now and make that promise:

"I Samantha Denby will promise my small group of readers that I will take more photos so my blog is more interesting and so you can look forward to seeing something after you have finished reading and when you're extremely bored of the reading". 

And there you have it, a promise I shall attempt not to break. 

Just in case you guys are wondering, the promise will start from tomorrow because it's half past 9 on the evening and there isn't really much things to take photos of apart from my wordsearch....

Monday, 7 August 2017

7th August 2017

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now the mighty 19 year old with the world at her feet!

Yesterday I had a pretty mediocre birthday. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact I had to work even though it was only a four hour shift! My birthday ritual is to wake up, open cards, go shopping then go for a meal and BOOM that's my birthday over and done with. But nope, yesterday I woke up, had to wait ages to go to work, went to work, came home opened a couple cards and went for a meal. I HATE CHANGE. I still enjoyed it but I honestly hate change so much and all that's happened so far this year is CHANGE.

I have stated numerous times that I have been wanting to change myself like the way I dress, the way I act and think. But I never wanted my surroundings to change and that is all that's happened and now I am so confused with everything. I am trying to adapt to one thing then another thing changes and I am trying to adapt to that change. SO CONFUSING. But hopefully by the end of this week I will be driving, *fingers crossed*. That is the only change I am looking forward to this year! Driving is something I have always dreamed of as a child and now I will be able to ACTUALLY DRIVE. I really hope this cheers me up because recently I have been feeling so under the weather but there is no cause for that?

I have tried to do everything that makes me happy such as rave to my favourite music such as Arctic Monkeys and Linkin Park but NOPE that isn't making me happy. I watched 'Girl Interrupted' with Angelina Jolie in and that was such as a good film but I don't think it was the best film to raise my hopes up in life. But it was still amazing!!

Anywho, I better scadoodle and get a shower I have been procrastinating for like half an hour now. I hope y'all are okie dokie and another blog post should be up shortly, (this time with pictures if I can be bothered). WOO!