Friday, 8 April 2016

4 days later...

Howdy! I hate rice. 

I was at le boyf's and I suddenly had a wonderful idea about having some rice and peas. So, I purchased some odd looking packet of rice and a tin of peas. NEVER AGAIN! My taste buds responded in a way I wasn't expecting. URGH! It took 15 whole minutes to cook the rice and it was all for nothing. My stomach feels so sick and BLURRRRR! I ate half the tin of peas though which means there is always something good out of something bad. #Fact! 

My do I feel so sick and urgh. :( 

One of the neighbours cats have cheered me up though. As I was writing this blog post I just looked out of the back window to a black cat. It is such a lovely cat! I just went outside to stroke the cutie! I love cats but unfortunately I have an allergy to them but ah well! I would rather sneeze to death than avoid cats! 

I honestly have no idea what to write about. I believe to have writers block but I wouldn't call myself much of a writer. Therefore, I shall create a new block called 'Sammy's block'. Whenever I cannot think of anything to write I shall just say that I have 'Sammy's block'. YAY! 

I can see leftover garlic bread in the oven and as soft as they look I still cannot bear to look at them. The idea of eating anything just makes me feel more sick than I already do.

Currently, it is 16:06 which means it is 6 minutes past 4 in the afternoon and I am soon to begin work at 5pm. I am debating when to get ready and what I should wear. Now, this is a hard decision for someone like myself because I am full of indecisiveness. YAY! 

Anyway I must go as I have a lot of debating to do but I do hope you all have a wonderful day! FAREWELL AMIGO'S! Tomorrow I shall post today's 'pHoTo Of ThE dAy' because I have nothing to post because I have been a floppy squirrel! 


Monday, 4 April 2016

StRAWberry MiLk

I went to the shops today and I purchased fruit. Along with a carton of strawberry milk...
Recently my taste buds have been really odd and weird so everything doesn't taste right to me. (Twinkies are still disgusting). So, I decided to try strawberry milk and see if I still like it or not. I STILL LOVE THE STUFF! I drank 3/4 of the carton and now I feel sick but it was absolutely worth every bit! SSLLLLUUURRRRPPPPP. But, I did actually buy some fruit? That's also a good thing right?!? The one thing I really wanted was some banana's so when I have my porridge in the morning, I can put some banana in it and see if it tastes yummy or not.

I also deleted all my social media. I was getting stressed out and I soon realised how much time I was spending on social media was insane. Therefore I simply deleted it. So far I have gone just over 24 hours without it and I am feeling a lot more better for it. Every morning I would spend about an hour just scrolling through instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I don't even know why I did it, I personally think it was just an excuse to lay in bed and waste more time. But now I feel great without it! I feel like I care about others more and I always find myself being that bit more productive! This morning I woke up and I simply replied to le boyf and then spoke to him for a small while then I got out of bed. This was all in the space of 15 minutes which is absolutely crazy for me! I definitely recommend going without social media for a while. It feels so nice and relaxing!

I got halfway through tidying my bedroom then I decided to procrastinate and write on here because I don't think I have written for a couple of days! I want to move my room around but I am traumatised by the thought of spiders and I know I will regret it if I do so I am currently avoiding that scenario. Between you and me, I have an obsession of moving and rearranging things. It can intend to become really bad but I am trying to behave and not do so.

I am starting to feel even more sick after the copious amount of strawberry milkshake. URghhHHHasdksaj.

I need to return back to non-procrastination Sammy and tidy my room. Therefore I shall leave you! I hope you all have had a wonderful day/night and I shall attempt to write something tomorrow. I have a driving lesson tomorrow which I think might kill me but I shall tell you more about that tomorrow!!!

pHoTo Of ThE dAy:
I love this photo of David Bowie
I don't call myself a number one fan of his but I do love his music!
He is an idol and he shall also be remembered!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Life is full of rainbows and sparkles. APRIL FOOLS!

The title pretty much sums up my mood in this moment of time. I feel happy but also really miserable at the same time! For the past week I have been craving a perfect cup of tea. I tried to make one yesterday and quite frankly, I wanted to throw up but I didn't want to waste tea... 
I had a McDonalds tea the other day but the problem I have with their tea is that they don't put the milk in for you. I don't know the perfect consistency of water and milk in order to make the perfect tea. So, yeah, that was also a fail. The reason why I am discussing tea is that I am soon going to the coffee shop in order to have a cup of tea. I also do not understand why they are called 'coffee shops'. I know some people call them 'tea rooms' but that is only about 4% of the population in the UK. If I was in charge of laws and regulations for this country I would simply create a law which makes individuals call 'coffee shops', 'tea rooms'. DA DAH! 

Well. That was just random. 

 Everything is starting to become a wee bit stressful at the moment and I really do not like it :(. This is all down to the fact we might have too move and the one thing I hate the most is moving because I have to take down my memories off the wall and put them in boxes and stick 'fragile' stickers all over them:(. As much as it's upsetting, it is also very stressful! And I have a lot of coursework to do before I go back to college and I have a slight feeling that I am not going to be getting that done in time. YAY! (>._.>) <--- I don't know what that is. 

I would rant and rave about more things but the 'tea shop' is calling me! I hope you all have a good day amigo's and I hope no one pranks you today, That is one thing I do hate, April Fools Day! It's always about this time in the year something in my life goes 'kaboom' and I always believe its a joke but it never ends up to be a joke. That just got really deep...lel many apologies! 


pHoTo Of ThE dAy: 
I found this meme funny because I have never watched games of thrones and I have never touched an avocado in my entire life!