Thursday, 6 October 2016


IT IS OCTOBER. Shiz. I am ever so sorry for a huge gap in which I have no posted anything. I am 100% determined to achieve a blog post a day! 

Basically, I am currently in my third year of college. I could be at university and what not but nope I am still at college. Just to mention, I haven't failed any subjects or what not I just signed an agreement and now I am here for my third year. To summarize what you have missed off my life:

 - I have booked a driving test which I might be moving because of stupid driving instructors. So, I booked my test and than I have had to change my driving instructor for the third time. This is mostly due to having drove 6 different cars and I haven't even passed my test. My first instructor wasn't teaching me and I felt as if I was being ripped off. Than my second instructor had an issue with the insurance which caused him to have numerous cars. However, he had a lovely little petrol car which I loved and he said he was keeping and than he turned around and said on my next lesson I would have a different car. So, there you go. Driving is going great at the momento... 

- As you already should know, I previously won the art competition. I was invited to a presentation in which I received £250 and a lovely greeting from the business who was operating the competition. However, a photographer was there who took a series of photos so here, have the main one: 

Dah, daaaaaaa. (I am the one in the dungarees looking like a complete spanner, (like usual)). 

- *tries to think of what else has happened* ... Ah yes, I am still with le boyf. I think I will be for a very very very long time. Me and le boyf have had a snapchat streak going on for over a year which therefore means our current snapchat streak is at 512. Yes you read correctly, 512. Ahhhh, I do love him. We have had so many awesome adventures together and so far I think the one were we went to Center Parcs has been the best. We have been debating whether or not we should go to Center Parcs again in January because it will be cheap and pretty cool, especially if it snows. 

- Also, a trampoline park called 'Gravity' opened late August. I LOVE IT. So far, every Monday me, my sister and le boyf have gone and it is amazing. It is so blooming fun! It is basically a place with tons of trampolines as well as a huge airbag you can jump into. It is so fun. 

But unfortunately, that is all I have time for today. Again, I am ever so sorry about the long needed blog post, my life has been very busy. But I will PROMISE all of you that I shall be uploading photos, blog posts and even more. But, in the mean time you can follow me on: 

- Instagram: @thatdenbykid 
- Twitter: @thatdenbykid 
- Snapchat: samdenby016 ----> I prefer snapchat at the moment, it is fun. 

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely week, day, month and even year. Thank you for reading and I apologize now for any spelling errors! 


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