Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I apologize for the really bad posts recently. I promise you that I will be back up and running in no time, when I say no time I really mean in three days. Because, in three days time...THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS WILL FINALLY BE HERE!!! I have waited so long for the summer holidays. I usually hate the summer, but now I seriously cannot wait to literally do nothing for 6 weeks. Okay, I won't be doing nothing for 6 weeks as I will be spending it with le boyf and le brother and le gym as I am going to finally get slim and fit! Determined. *Muscular Arm Emoji Here* 
This summer I am also going to look for a pen pal again. I miss my pen pal. I love having a pen pal. You learn so much about them without actually meeting them and you also learn a lot about the way in which they live and what they do. It is rather interesting. 
I am also going to go on many adventures with le bicycle. When I say adventures, I seriously do mean adventures! 20 mile bike journeys are going to be put into place. I am even going to document one of them..(purely for your entertainment). 
I shall also be 17 in the summer holidays which I can't wait for. I don't know why, I just can't wait to be 17. I usually despise birthdays but I am pretty excited for this one! 
I would ramble on but Denby has to vamoosh' to Narnia to visit a lion...(I think his name is Aslan...not too sure). 

Adios Amigos! 
*Denby Salute* 

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