Friday, 2 October 2015


I get so lost sometimes. To the point were I need to stop and think about what I am doing and change my lifestyle and just be normal. What I mean is, I get so lost, like, I forget what I am doing with myself. Then, I need to realize and work out what I need to do and then put my self back on the tracks, (awesome train metaphor). For example, I was doing all my work and now I am stuck as I forgot what work I need to be doing. It is one of the hardest things to describe but it is also one of the many hard things to which I have to cope with. 

Anyway, on a higher note, (awesome musical reference also conincidence), I am seeing Fall Out Boy live tomorrow and I simply cannot wait!!! This will be my first ever concert and I am so happy that it is going to be Fall Out Boy!!! I have loved the band for so long now and actually seeing them live makes me one happy child, (well adult...woman). 

Tomorrow I have a busy day before I even see Fall Out Boy. Urgh, this is why I am lost because I forgot what I need to do! However, one thing I don't need to do is water my cacti, Spike. I finally learnt that you only need to water a cactus once a week and only water it a small amount, so, that is exactly what I have been doing. I am hoping it is going to turn out to be one awesome cactus! 

I must scadoodle now as Sammy has to get her beauty sleep along with write a list of multiple things I must do tomorrow. 

Ooooo, I forgot to say, I have somehow managed to save up 353 five pence coins. Now that my friend, is a lot of coins and it is also a great achievement for myself as I am not the best when it comes to saving money. 

So, on that note, I must leave you with: PhOtO oF tHe DaY: 
I shall leave you today with a photo of myself, which was also taken today
and was also taken by the amazing boyf'.
I love him so much.
I also adore how this picture actually turned out.
I am surprised. 
Very Surprised. 

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