Wednesday, 28 October 2015

this is weird

So, my laptop is officially dead, (battery and in general wise), so, that means I have succumbed to my beloved Kindle Fire, (basically a literally is just a tablet to me). If feels weird writing a post of a tablet, usually I have written 2 paragraphs by now on legit keyboard but it is taking twice as Long on a touch screen one. Although this tablet has spell check and auto-correct, it predicts words at such high speeds that it decides to change my words so I apologise now for odd sentences and for anything which does not make any sense. I blame the tablet.

Electronic tablets are, in general, call them a tablet but the amount of times I have been misunderstood purely because I have said, "I was on my tablet this morning" or "I charged my tablet last night". Basically, something so simple can sound so odd and weird.

I believe my new favourite word is 'weird' now. It is a quirky word which I am growing rather fond of. *Sammy said in such a posh accent*

It has just come to my attention that I apologise a lot on here. I want to apologise for apologising but then that would be defeating the purpose to which I stated that I apologise too much. I have just rather confused myself.

Life tip: don't drink a large amount of tea at 9pm. It doesn't seem late and to some.people they are able to simply fall asleep after drinking a cup of tea. However. I am one of those very unfortunate souls who will drink tea for the absolute pleasure of it but then I forget the consequences which includes staying up a lot longer than anticipating. I am one nugget.

Anyway, it happens to be 12:36am here and I am rather tired therefore I shall leave you with a remarkable image as I believe it is time for:

PhOtO oF tHe DaY:
I took this photo a while ago but I cannot remember whether or not I previously uploaded it to this blog or not...
Ah well, you may have it again.
I casually took this image whilst I was on a swing at the local park.
Converse and a lovely summery sky is all you need for a great warm photograph like this.

I hope you have a great day/evening/night and I shall write soon!

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