Sunday, 12 April 2015


There are many different definitions for Arachnophobia but the whole concept of it is that your scared of spiders. I am not scared of them, I am just petrified of them. Especially when you are laid in bed, all comfy and then....BAM! There it is. The creepy little however many legs it has insect, creature, thing or whatever you want to call it. 
After spending a long night on the living room sofa, I managed to go back into my bedroom and face the beast. But to my surprise, it had gone, vanished, hey presto. Now, me being an idiot, I thought the beast made its way out of my room. OH NO. I was usual. I was just sat there and then there it goes again, crawling over my duvet making its way onto my bed.

Now here I am. Sat in the kitchen, on my own writing about my deadly encounter with a harmless 'thing'. Don't you just love phobias?

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