Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Musicals are my life. I have grown up watching millions of musicals and I just love them. Even though I do think they are cheesy at times but they are amazing. They provide more emotions than any other genre of film can and what is even better is that it's done through song. I love music and films and to have them combined together is amazing! Whoever thought of that is a genius, (or just a drunk alcoholic, but still). 
The only issue I have is that if you was to ask me what my favourite musical is. I wouldn't be able to answer because I love any and every musical. However, I must say Little Shop of Horrors is good but then I do like Moulin Rouge...

Now, I must leave you to have some one to one time with my bed, I haven't been with it for 14 hours and my body has missed it more than anything.
That sounds really weird. I am on about sleep just to clarify. 

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