Monday, 13 April 2015


Having to live with a skin condition is hard. Almost 17 years of different medication and creams to treat it and it still won't go. Funny part is, I have got use to it, but there are times were it hurts. Mentally and physically. Although I may be use to it, I am still not use to the way people can stare for long periods of time at your skin. It's amazing how something so stupid can entertain people for a llllloooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg 

Another funny thing is. I don't care. Sounds highly rude of me. But I don't care. 
I have a skin condition and have had it since the day I was brought into this world. 
I can't help that? 
So why judge me on it. 
It doesn't affect you.
Just me.
So why make my problem...

Good question, but it just happens to be rhetorical. 

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