Monday, 13 April 2015

The Internet

The Internet is gradually becoming larger than the world itself. Actually, it's gradually taking over the world! As much as it can be useful, it is still a bad place. The internet has it's bad side the same way every human being has one. Even I have a bad side. But that's not the point. What I am trying to say is, you have to be careful with the internet. It takes one mistake and then everything is gone, your dignity, your self-respect, your sense of direction, everything. 
Everyone makes mistakes, it can't be helped, even when you think you can prevent them, they still occur. However, there is a fine difference when you make a mistake in the real world and when you make a mistake in the virtual world. I didn't have to do my research for this piece of writing as I have been there myself. It isn't the nicest of things I can tell you that! If I could go back in time and re-do things, oh boy I would! 
Anyway, going back to the point. The internet can put so many lives in danger! Social media sites are slowly becoming the cause of depression, self-harm, anxiety and even suicide. No one deserves any of this! You need to be careful and treat others the way YOU would want them to treat you. (If that makes sense). 
Overall, you need to be careful with the virtual world and never be manipulated by it. Not everything what you see or read is true. You may see this as contradicting as this is being published to the internet but all I am trying to do is express my opinion and I want to help others and make others happy even if it doesn't make myself happy, I don't care as long as people such as yourself are happy.
I care too much for others than myself. 

*lights fade leaving a spotlight on Sammy which gradually develops into complete darkness*

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