Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Denby Gives Advice

I have never been this tired in my entire life! Always remember kids, SLEEP IS IMPORTANT!
Anyway, I would like to talk about trust. Trust is an important aspect of a relationship between yourself and another individual. (Just to clarify I am not just on about lovey dovey relationships, I also mean friendships). Without trust, there is no point to a relationship and that my friend is a fact!


#1: Always think before telling someone something personal about yourself or another person as this can be the main cause of World War 3.

#2: Always tell the truth even if your life depends on it because honesty is the best policy right?

#3: Don't accuse someone of lying when you don't have any evidence. Someone can actually be telling the truth but your accusations may think differently and this can also lead to the cause of World War 3.

#4: Pretty much the same thing as #3 but don't always trust your instincts. 

#5: Believe in Karma. 

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